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In the age of the Internet, talking to people who speak other languages has become normal, and translation from one language to another has become a problem for internet users that don’t understand other languages so now you will need the best translation sites list to work with.

We will continue our talk in this article about the best online translation sites where we will learn about a selection of the best professional free translation sites that support many languages.

These sites have been selected from a lot of sites as they are considered the best in the field, and they also provide a lot of unique tools.

In fact, the translation of the majority of these sites contains errors that vary in degree from site to site, and these errors may not be effective in the case of normal translation, but if it relates to academic translation, there is no room here for errors, and we must use highly credible translation sites and we will address them here in our topic.

Online translation is one of the most searched services, especially since there is a constant need to translate articles and news from various foreign websites.

We have talked on another topic on best websites for learning English language you can use them as well and we will include other languages soon.

If you’re looking for professional translation sites and supporting many languages, we’ll give you the best reliable translation sites in this article.

Best Translation Sites

1. WorldLingo
By using this site you can translate an unlimited number of words into the languages that site supports as it provides a good and coordinated translation of the sentences and words.

worldlingo also supports the translation of text files as well as the possibility of sending translated documents from the site directly to your email in your own language.

worldlingo supports about 15 languages, the site has a maximum number of translated words of 500 words at a one time.

If you have more words, just divide them into several parts so you can translate them completely.

2. Yandex Translate
Yandex is a comprehensive internet platform that provides a search engine, a service of premium cloud storage, and an Internet browser as well as one of the most popular e-mail services and more.

In addition to that, the site also provides a translation service, Yandex translator.

This service can be relied upon in translation between more than 90 different languages.

What is special about this service is that it is accurate when it comes to translating long sentences in true meanings, and the same for the translation of texts and longer paragraphs better than other translation services.

You can also listen to the correct pronunciation of words across the site and not only that, but you can translate images by converting translation mode to Image mode or translating foreign sites by converting to Sites mode.

3. Systranet or Systran translate
You can use this site to translate what you want, and the advantage of this site is that you can use it to translate web pages in any site that is written in a language you can’t understand.

Systran supports many languages and can convert the site interface into many languages for easy use, you can also register an account on the site and enjoy with additional features.

Systran supports text translation up to 1000 words, and you can use the site to translate complete files such as Microsoft Office files.

You can also add a translation tool to your website in order to provide translations of different languages on your site to visitors from different countries.

4- Bing translate website
Bing Translation site is one of the most powerful search engines on the Internet, also one of the great websites in text translations, it is produced by Microsoft company.

you can use it to translate articles from one language to another up to a maximum of 5000 characters, you can use bing translate in translation to and from 50 different languages and it supports English word spelling.

Bing translation site also allows you to get a professional translation that fully explains the meaning away from the translation of vocabulary without the whole meaning of the sentence.

Bing service is always in development by the company in order to improve the results that users receive.

5. Babelxl website
A great site you can also use to translate texts, it supports many languages and translates excellently as well, you can make an account on this site and save translated texts.

Babelxl supports translation for about 65 different languages, you can use the site to translate articles and sentences.

Also, you can upload your translations from the site to cloud storage accounts for online storage, the site has a very good advantage that it supports word translation without a maximum limit, you can translate any number of words completely free, you can also create an account on the site and enjoy additional features.

6. Reference site
Reference offers professional text translations but it supports text up to 300 characters you can translate at a time, also supports many languages that you can easily translate to and from through this site, it provides applications for smartphones to be used in translation easily.

The reference site supports 42 different languages that can be translated through the site, the site offers its services free of charge and also provides a unique dictionary containing a huge database.

you can easily download this dictionary to your phone whether an android phone or an IOS phone, lots of features you will get with this Site.

7. Freetranslation
Freetranslation has good features too, that you can upload your document and translates it directly from the site, as well as printing translated texts directly.

the site can translate for about 50 languages, the site also offers the ability to listen to the correct pronunciation for words with translations of text and articles across the site, you can use the site to translate any number of words without limits.

You can also get your own translation and share it directly on your social media accounts, which is an important feature of if you want to translate news or otherwise.

8. Reverso
Another unique translation site is Reverso, this site has a feature that does not exist in other sites, if you search for translation of a particular sentence it provides you with a good translation of this sentence in addition to putting this sentence in a text section so that you can understand the meaning of this sentence in a better way.

Reverso website supports translation in many languages.

The site also provides you with translation apps for iPhone and Android with the ability to listen to translated texts and know the correct pronunciation for any language you translate into.

The website doesn’t have a maximum number of words so you can use it with any number of words.

9. Google Translate
You can not ignore the translation service provided from Google, it contains the most languages that can be translated on the internet as well it enables you to spell for English and any language words.

You can use it if you’re looking for language that doesn’t exist in previous sites and try to link sentences meaning and understandably non-words.

A lot of news about the comprehensive development of Google’s service so that translation will be significantly better than the current situation.

10. BabelFish website
BabelFish is a good site that you can use for translation, the site has thousands of visitors every day who are looking for translations of texts from one language to another.

the site offers a 3-step translation service where you select the language of the text to be translated, then you put the text and finally press the translation button, the site also supports the translation of text files such as Word, PDF, and more.

the site also provides a range of sentences that have been searched by visitors and you will find them visible in the main interface of it, many features you will find on Babelfish.

Top sites you can use for professional academic translations

Translateonline website:

A site with a group of full-time job professional translators to translate all kinds of translation quickly, as it is a site that provides a job opportunity for translators through sending the translator’s CV to work with the translation team.

Unbabel website:
It is one of the wonderful sites and high credibility, and through this site, you can translate academic documents and more, but this site is a paid site, you need to pay a sum of money to translate academic documents.

SDL free translation website:
A free translation site, offering free translation of academic texts and documents in a professional way and is an important site in the translation of academic documents, also it is a great and useful site for learning English, French and other languages spread around the world.

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