Best Sites to Compare Flights

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Booking or comparing flight prices may be the hardest step in arranging your flight as it depends on your booking time, airline company and many other factors that control your ticket price.

Previously, airline tickets were booked through airline offices or flight planning offices, but now it is much easier, not only to book a flight ticket but also to buy cheaper by comparing flight prices in more than one airline.

Many people believe that travel costs are expensive because finding a cheap ticket is difficult. The good news here is that you can find cheap flight tickets to many destinations, but you have to make some effort to find a cheap ticket.

Fortunately, flight comparison websites have become accessible to everyone online, and online purchases have also become easier and safer than before. You can buy your flight ticket while you’re sitting on coffeeshop.

There are a lot of sites to compare flights, but we don’t know which one is better and easier to use. They are all similar in the search and purchase methods.

These platforms that we offer in this post are specialized in displaying and comparing flight prices, just enter your basic information such as departure city, arrival city, travel time and then leave the rest on that platform to bring you the flights available across all or most of the operating airlines in the world and then arrange trips based on price or any other filter you choose, some of these platforms offer many features and services that are not provided by other platforms and some features you don’t find in others.

Best websites to compare flights

So in this article, I’ll show you the best flight comparison websites which will help you to compare flight prices and services offered by dozens of companies around the world.

1. Skyscanner
Skyscanner is one of the most popular sites to find traveler’s needs, it helps you book a hotel and rent a car in the country you’re going to, but it’s more famous for booking airline tickets.

It helps you find the best time to buy the cheapest airline ticket for any country, you just have to be flexible on booking dates and choose the best time to get the best price.

2. Google flights
As usual, Uncle Google leaves no room but puts its mark in it, where it offers a specialized platform to offer flights and help travelers to get the cheapest tickets.

you will find some cities that you propose to go to, but the point of departure he knows in advance (Uncle Google knows about you For many) or you can identify it yourself, there are several features offered by google’s flight platform, including:

  •  Show cheaper days near the travel time
  • Offer cheaper flights at all airports within one city
  • Show proposals for cities that you will travel to within one country
  • At last, after the flight is scheduled, ticket purchase options are offered through specialized sites, including the official airline’s website, with tickets arranged across those platforms according to the cheapest price.

3. Wego
Wego is one of the best websites to compare flights, it deals with a wide network of partners all over the world, and through the same site, you can search for the best hotel booking deals all over the world.

The site includes a strong search engine and filter that help you determine flight price, airline and payment methods suitable for you, as well as you can define prices from the cheapest to the top as it is available in several languages, you can also set up the site to alert you when prices reach a level suitable for you or add a new offer.

4. Expedia
Expedia also offers a similar experience, but as you begin to determine which destination you will be traveling from and where you will travel, you will choose to book a flight only or book a flight ticket and hotel or book the two and a car as well.

When this site shows you different flight offers, it displays all flight details, different classes prices and the weight which will be allowed.

5. Travelstart
This platform works mainly to serve the Middle East and African market, the headquarters of this platform is located in South Africa.

The site provides comprehensive research on the flights, it arranges them either by price or by travel time in case you want to reach your destination as soon as possible.

It also offers a ticket purchase service directly through bank cards or you can choose among other payment methods.

6. Jetradar
JetRadar is a radar to monitor the best offers of flight booking, this site is very similar to the Wego site but the latter differs in terms of the provision of many services including a search engine to compare and book hotels, private cars, and buses.

7. Flyin
The flight booking experience will be fun with Flyin because it searches for all flight tickets from all airlines at the time you select and tells you all the details in addition to showing you plane pictures from inside and outside, as well as the chair picture that will be your place on the plane, it tells you also if the flight Added a meal or not.

8. Momondo
You can choose between non-stop flights, one-time stopovers or allowing any number of stops if the trip is long and you want the cheapest prices.

This site offers you a beautiful user interface and multiple searches from several sources including travel agencies, those agencies that have a lot of cheap offers for airline tickets and hotel reservations.

When you choose a result via this platform you will go directly to your purchase provider, which offers you the special price shown in your search results.

9. Kiwi
If you are a professional traveler, you should know about kiwi it is one of the best sites to compare flights, the site is not much different from the above-mentioned sites it has search engine and filter where you can determine your destination and more, it has also a button for notification to inform you of the new discounts.

You can also find in the interface a set of offers and discounts provided by the site on many destinations, as well as an illustrative map showing you travel distance and the cheapest price in this direction. The site supports more than 30 languages.

10. Kayak
You can determine the month you want to travel in, where it will choose the cheapest flight tickets for each country at that time, making you benefit from any special offers or rates offered by the airlines.

11. CheapOair
CheapOair is one of the best websites, it helps you to book flights, hotels, cheap private cars, single booking for flights and the possibility of making a full travel package known as vacations.

This website provides you with a search engine to compare all prices between companies, you can book and make payments through the site without leaving, you will have discount vouchers  provided by this website for travelers from time to time.

12. Priceline
Priceline helps you to make the best travel deals, it has offers like flight booking and hotel reservations as well as a discount on the deal.

That site provides all the information that any traveler needs as it provides him with the best cheapest airlines.
You can also choose your travel time and the right ticket price that suits your budget.

Economy airlines all over the world

There are budget airlines through which you can book a very low-cost flight.
But ask about services before buying because the price is too cheap
If you are traveling continuously to countries around the world, here are the most popular budget airlines where you can find very discounted airline tickets.

Economy airlines Canada:
Wow Air
Spirit Airlines
Flair Airlines
Air Canada Rouge
Jetlines Airlines
Economic airlines in the USA:
Sun Country Airlines
Wow Air
Allegiant Air Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Budget airlines Australia:
Tiger Air
Scoot Airlines
Jetstar Airlines
Budget airlines Asia:
Vietnam Airlines
Nok Air
T’Way Airlines
Vanilla Air
Tiger Air
Air Asia
Peach Air
Dragon Air
Spice Jet Airlines
Jeju Air
Jetstar Airlines
Hong Kong Express Airlines
Scoot Airlines
Spring Airlines
Budget airlines Europe:
Aigle Azur Airlines
Eurowings Airlines
Wow Air
Flybe Airlines
Ryanair Airlines
Easyjet Airlines
Vueling Airlines
Iberia Express
Aer Lingus Airlines
Tui Airlines
Low-cost African airlines:
Kenya Airlines Fly540
Air Kenya
Air Arabia Morocco
IRS Airlines
South African Mango Airlines
Tunisia Air
Tunisian Express
Air Cairo
So those were the most important airlines and flight comparison websites that offer very cheap tickets in different countries worldwide.

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