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Programming is the language of the modern era and now it is very important like any other educational material since it is the language of the future and is essential to our world now.

Learning programming has become very easy because there are many websites spread on the Internet that offer specialized courses to teach different programming languages.

In this article, we offer you the best websites to learn coding for free, but we start with a brief about programming:

There are a lot of programming languages that you can start learning, but there is a specific set of those languages that are the most popular by programmers on GitHub, including Javascript, Python, Java, PHP, C++, Ruby, C, and C#.

You should remember some important points before you start your educational journey:

– When choosing the programming language that you will start learning, pay attention to some things like what will you do and what would you like to use that programming language.

– Also, follow the latest news in the world of programming to find out the best and most famous languages because the importance of those languages always changes.

– For the labor market, there are many companies that want programmers to work whether working from the offices or even from home through the Internet.

Best online programming learning sites

Now we start with a list of the best websites to learn coding for beginners and professionals, including paid and free


It is one of the best programming sites on the Internet; it offers an infinite number of lessons and courses, which enable people to gain experience in programming in particular and in over one other area related to programming and techniques.

You should know that the number of programmers who received the course lessons came through it to about 46 million programmers.

This site offers HTML & JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, SQL, Python, PHP, Ruby, and Rails.


This website is one of the most leading technical education companies available on the Internet, which gives over 2,000 different lessons by 120 different educational institutions.

You can also pay some money to get a degree from it, but there are also plenty of free programming lessons in different disciplines and from different universities.


It is an online learning platform that deals with many contents including programming, design, translation, drawing and other content.
It also offers free and paid courses.

Codeschool.com or Pluralsight.com

Code School is one of the best websites to learn coding from scratch through specific paths arranged by levels through interactive lessons, video tutorials, and screenshots.

According to the site, over 1.2 million people use the site to develop their skills and gain new skills.

Codeschool courses include lessons to learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and a path to learn the Ruby language and learn how to develop iOS applications besides many other tutorials.

This site gives an application for iPhone that allows follow-up lessons in it, and many courses are available on the site for free plus paid lessons for a monthly subscription.


One of the best sites in the world of programming and the most distinctive thing about it is the difference from any other programming website as it contains the charitable activity part, it means that it establishes a set of software projects for non-commercial institutions.

Its goal is not money and there is no profit behind it and offers a range of lessons, programs, and applications for its students.


It is a non-profit site that aims to encourage students to learn computer and programming from scratch and the site includes free programming lessons including a lesson on how to build a game like the famous Flybird game and many other lessons that provide easy learning.


Sometimes you need to go back to some paper references when you get caught up in a problem, but this site will save you this thing.

This platform contains over 600 free books and references in programming and covers about 80 different languages.
Not only that, but it is also constantly updated by the contributors to the site.


This site offers easy tutorials for those who want to learn to code from scratch with explanations and examples also the opportunity to apply these examples, the site offers lessons in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, XML and more.


This site offers free learning for Python, C++, Java.


This site gives you fun programming lessons and courses that will develop your experience in game programming, applications, and web pages by using Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Each lesson takes about 11 hours to complete and become available online in a large number of languages.


Through this website, Mozilla provides the tools and lessons for beginners to learn to develop websites and applications step-by-step with a full tutorial start from downloading and installing the tools until publishing your first site.

It also provides lessons for those with initial knowledge of programming and lessons for professionals.


It is one of the most authentic institutions in online education with step-by-step guides.

Within this website, you’ll learn how to make graphics programming, program interfaces, and animation and game programming using JavaScript.

You’ll also learn to make web pages through their programming languages.


This site offers many detailed presentations that show how to build apps and websites, and each lesson comes with a full step-by-step video and an in-depth description of the lesson and the code.


It is one of the best websites to learn coding in terms of lessons, references and the latest versions related to HTML5 programming language.

The site is free and open-source, so developers can edit some codes in it, this is a step ahead that needs some experience to do. So maybe you should have some experience before you visit it.


This site provides a guide for beginners who want to learn programming from scratch, by providing the information step-by-step to learn, through lessons in programming basics and lessons in how to learn a specific programming language.

The website helps you choose the best course or training to develop your program skills.


This website offers free learning for python 3, .NET, Android, Java and lots more.


Dash provides learning programming through several interactive projects such as how to build a personal site or design a responsive theme for a blog or develop a site for a small organization, which makes the trainee gain the skills of using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and one of the most important features of it is the interactive interface and introducing all projects is free.


This website offers C++ language learning services.


Another online programming learning site, where you will learn many modern and innovative technologies.

This platform has about 62 schools, so I don’t think you will miss this opportunity from this powerful platform.

Learning to program needs will and a great effort to get to professional, but mostly the first step to learning coding is the hardest step, and the sites we mentioned will help you get through this harder step, share with us other sources to learn to code through comments.

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