Unusual Entertainment Websites To Waste Time On


We need some entertainment, there are some websites where we can get rid of daily insomnia that we suffer from, sites that may at least raise a smile in our face a little bit.

I do not tell you in this article that permanent entertainment is good for you especially on the Internet, we always prefer to acquire and learn using the web.

Usually, when you are sitting in front of your computer screen browsing social media you can get bored and do not find anything you can do so I will review you some of the unusual entertainment websites including online gaming sites that will help you to kill time and boredom and give you some fun.

Unusual websites for wasting time and boredom


It is a completely amazing site so that if you have any tension or disturbance and want to relax for a while, just go to this site and put on headphones and select any kind of sounds you prefer to hear.

There are many natural sounds such as rain, wind, thunder, birds, and you can control the volume.


Draw Stickman and start playing with him as if you were making a Disney movie and you can make it for yourself in a minute.


This site allows you to make a video mix and match a video with another sound source.


The site helps you climb the highest mountain in the world, Everest peak, providing you with a journey through all the heights of Mount Everest with 3D, so you feel like you’re climbing this peak.


It is an entertaining site where you can play through colored balls by using the computer mouse by clicking and dragging.

You can control the width of those balls through a control panel that you find at the bottom of the page.


Giphy is one of the most famous sites in the world today in gif images or motion pictures, the site includes millions of images, as you can add your pictures too, most of those animated images are used in comments and so on, and most of them are very funny and entertaining.


This website will enable you to drive a bus or a car on any road in the world. This site is a 2D-dimensional driving simulator that enables you to drive on Google Maps.


This site offers you the possibility of playing with a beautiful piano, you only have to enter and click on any place. Note that, it is better to use on google chrome browser to make it work well with you.


Another site that chooses its own way to make laugh and entertain people, you can consider this site is one of the most famous comedy sites, it has a collection of pictures, videos and amazing shots that will make you smile, as well as articles and funny activities as well.

Its sarcasm section takes serious shots or encounters and makes it laughable.


It is a very interesting site, where it offers you many puzzles to solve, these puzzles are moderate and with multiple levels.

Puzzles composed of 81 levels, this is a great website to spend your time, and reach the maximum for your thinking on solving puzzles!.


Through this beautiful site, you can see a lot of animals through cameras that provide you with live broadcasting, you will watch their life and amusing shots of them, just enter the site and choose the animal that you want to watch and if you like any shot you can click to take a picture to save it instantly.


Reddit is one of the most famous websites in the world today, it is simply a social site that includes a group of sections or subreddits of different styles numbering by millions.

Wherever you search and in any field, you will find your peers in that Subreddit, In general, there is a funny section on the site, perhaps it is the most popular section with 18 million subscribers, with a big number of funny images where are thousands of people publish every day.

If you are experiencing a sad or depressing day and want to raise your spirits with some laugh, we recommend you to visit the funny section of Reddit.


A useless website also takes you to other useless sites but you’ll be amazed.


The location of the secret door, when you enter this site it shows you a secret door when you open the door it takes you to several unknown places.

You can use it through the computer mouse to move from one place to another.


You must always hear about the error pages, which means that the content you are looking for is not available, many sites created this page with a different design, but the following site created too much.

This website provides you with 404 funny and strange pages, and every time you reload the page the site shows a new funny 404 page.


It is an online platform to share desktop screens and participate in online meetings.


You can visit any place in the world and see its features via 3D technology, this site offers a full range of beautiful and detailed views of any country you choose.


Vsauce is a popular and successful YouTube channel, attracting more than 14 million subscribers. The channel’s videos focus on interesting educational content.

On Vsauce, you can watch videos of all Vsauce channels.


Replygif is a site that has a huge library of animated images classified by meanings, and you can use hashtags to find the right image to use to respond to anyone on the internet instead of words.


A great site that contains a lot of strange things and inventions that may not come to your mind, you can browse this site and see the strangest things that people have made so far.

This site has two sections one for men and another for women and you can buy one of the things that are there and give it as a gift to anyone.


One of the strangest sites you may visit, you can ask any question about how you feel or about anything you want and it will answer negatively or positively.


This site offers an amazing social game, you should first create an account or enter directly and write your name, at the beginning of the game you move your ball to eat small balls until they grow bigger and eat balls for another people to exclude them from the game.


It is one of the funny websites after you enter this site it will show you people’s faces and you can control their shape by clicking on the mouth, nose, head, and eye to create a different shape of the face, most of them are very funny.

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