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“How to become rich?” is a question that everyone has in mind, but not everybody got an answer to it. The reason why they do is that they think that owning a lot of money and accessing financial freedom is a dream they cannot attain. Some believe that wealth is passed down through generations only by inheritance. If you are one of those who wish to become rich but you don’t know how to do it, know that you don’t know how to become rich because you don’t realize that business is a game with rules and secrets, we assure you that there are real keys and ways to reach wealth.

But very few people are moving from the desire to get rich to make a fortune.

And above all, you have to look at money and wealth as a result!

All achievements are results for specific reasons and actions. It is strange to find that the majority of people are often working in vain to change the reality/outcome without paying attention to the world around them and without trying hard to change things to their advantage. Wisdom says: It’s crazy to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results!

Rich successful people see money as a result of good ideas and productive business, so you find them willing to bring great value to others, and in return, they make their fortunes, so look and focus on what you will provide until you get the money as a result.

It is inevitable to mention the sense of entitlement, and it is strong in all aspects of life especially at the beginning, but what happens is that you start being affected by the surrounding thoughts and in most cases, the focus of thinking of those are around you are the ideas of inferiority and poverty.

How can you get rich if you’re like them?

Do you think all the time that you’re born to be poor and unsuccessful? Don’t blame your mind for believing you, that wouldn’t help at all.

Before you think about how to be rich, you gotta believe that you worth being wealthy. If you believe in your ability to access financial freedom, a belief that is accompanied by ideas and actions, of course, you are halfway to what you want. This faith sometimes unconsciously leads you to engage in activities and behaviors to prove the truth of the ideas that control you.

And you have to ask yourself, do you have a plan to become rich? The answer is often no; If you wanna become rich you gotta think and act like one. Start planning, even people who play the lottery have a plan for it, it may not be good or even successful, but they have a plan to follow, which is to keep buying tickets in the hope of winning someday. The plan is the difference between who wishes to become a millionaire, and who starts trying to do it.

You have to have a plan to become rich, if you don’t start now, then when will you start at! 30, 40 or 50.

There is a pearl of wisdom I read in Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book, which I advise you to read:

“The problem of young people is that they don’t realize the meaning of aging, and if they felt it and understood it the right way, they would plan their financial lives differently.”

Also, don’t forget to get rid of the traditional way of thinking to make money, and know that moving away from the traditional thinking of building your fortune is also crucial in the journey of wealth, which today requires creative extraordinary ideas.

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Creative thinking has become a way to make money and even a lot of it, we always notice that successful people do not take a path that everyone takes, they always precede others in their distinct ideas.

Remember to be objective and consider reducing your expenses as a priority in this period of your life because this step is one of the biggest challenges you will ever face in your endeavor.

for example, it is preferable not to buy any unnecessary things, and can also save on the wage of living, instead of living in a place of his own alone, he or she can share it with his friends or other people, whether he is a student or a worker, to use the bike as a mean of transport instead of using public transport, as well as eating affordable meals instead of expensive.

And in general, you should know that these things are not permanent but temporary until you save enough money.

The next step is that you have to invest the money that you’ve tried so hard to accumulate because the money certainly doesn’t reproduce on its own, and if you don’t know what is investing, let me expand your knowledge of it and explain to you how to start investing.

To start investing, you don’t have to buy a property, start a business or invest in a large amount, just start small projects and investments and over time you will gain experience in the field you want to work in. As an example of real estate investment, you can buy a piece of land at reasonable prices 1,000 or two thousand dollars or the amount you can save in a promising area (expected to increase in price in the future) near you, and just wait for its price to get better over time and earn money. (Of course, this needs following up the status of the place (city, country, etc.) and what’s happening around it and all you have to do is wait for the right moment).

We may have mentioned a lot about money and planning to acquire it and increase it, but let’s remind you what you have to do to avoid calamities in this endeavor.

1- Choose your friends.

Stimulus expert Jim Rohn says

“You are a summary of the five people you spend most of your time with”

If you spend your time with negative people, you will turn over time into a negative person just like them, try to avoid this kind of people and keep them out of your life and if you don’t believe this saying, think for a minute about the closest people to you? From friends or family (the negative ones)…

You’re gonna find yourself thinking just like them, and maybe even your financial situation is the same.

Do you know why?! Yes, you imitate them without knowing.

I’m not telling you to have to give up your friends, but if you want to be like them, you’re free to do it, you’re going to be like them and repeat a lot of their words like saying (investing is risky, who do you think you are! They want you to be like them.

Make your friends who have the same ambition whether customers, brokers or old neighbors who have made a great fortune & experience that will benefit you in your life and save you a lot of time in failed experiments if you listen to their advice.

2- No Procrastination

“Most of us fail in their lives because we keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the right moment to do something.

If you feel that the right moment is taking too long, then make your right moment Start working where you left off, use the tools available.

If you want to build a fortune, start today, read a book on personal finance and know more about money management, make a financial plan, whatever it takes just keep moving forward.

3- Improve your skills

Personal skills will increase your chances to improve your work and increase your monthly income, and you have to spend more time learning, try to meet new people who will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

The more experience, skills and educational achievement you have, the more chances you’ll have to improve yourself.

4- Solving the lack of self-discipline

“Discipline comes through restraint, which means that you must control your negative qualities before you can control the circumstances, you have to control yourself first, and if you don’t it will overpower you.”

When it comes to wealth, the first basic rule is: save a lot, spend a little, it’s a simple concept.

5- Don’t hold on to a job you hate!

“No one can succeed in making an effort in a work that they don’t like”.

“The first major step in marketing personal services is to choose a profession where you can sincerely throw yourself in”.

Don’t make an effort in a job that makes you stressed and unhappy in your life, giving up that job — if the conditions are right — can be rewarding and will pay off in the future.

6- Learning financial culture

Have you ever heard of passive income?

If you are away from the investment field, your answer will be no, I haven’t heard of it before, the passive income means that you collect money while you are asleep, i.e. you earn money without working, because your project, real estate or investment brings you a monthly income. If you want to be a wealthy man, you have to learn the investment rules from experts in the field in which you want to invest.

Read articles and books on how to achieve wealth and investment assets and follow up on economic news.

7- Do not invest everything you own in one project

Any profitable business aims to grow and make a profit, but success is not always achieved, so be aware that your desire for quick wealth will push you to put everything you have into one project. Getting up after a failure, in this case, is difficult, and you may get frustrated.

The easiest thing to do with money is to spend it! The Japanese wisdom says: “Collecting money and earning it is like digging with a nail, but spending it is like pouring water in the sand.” It is wise not to put your whole capital into just one project, and not get involved in a job that you don’t understand or believe in. Investigate well before investing your money and invest with experienced people.


I know there is no point in thinking about how to be rich if you are not honest with your request and determined to apply and execute it because an action is what makes the difference. After all, Wealth and money are a financial reward paid for hard work and skillful thinking.

Remember that ”Hard work pays off”.

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