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how to write an article

Let’s begin with what is important: What is an article? after that go with how to write an article.

The article is a written work that presents a single topic in the form of an idea or several interrelated ideas, Also, the article consists mostly of an introduction in which it attracts the reader’s attention to the subject, then the article structure in which the details of the topic and presentation of the ideas related to it.

Keep in mind that when writing an article, the author aims to deliver an idea to the readers, and this idea may include an opinion or a point of view that he wishes to express, finally, the end in which a conclusion of what came in the structure of the article.

Thus, the article can be defined as a short literary piece, in which the author presents a particular topic in a simplified way that reaches the reader.

article writing

Structure of the article or article writing format:

How to write an article?

  • Determine the purpose of the article

Those who want to write an article should determine the objectives it’s intended for because knowing that determines the way it’s written by.

For example, the author must decide whether its purpose is to change readers’ opinions on a particular topic, share some information about it, or share an experience.

  • Pick a topic

Choose a specific topic and stick to it, and don’t distract the reader from one topic to another, and remember that you’re writing an article, not a book. Choose a topic that you have a passion for because if you’re tired of it, readers will feel that.

  • Know your audience

Select your audience of readers to know how you should write, if you will write a medical article, for example, the terms used will vary according to the target group of people, if they are housewives, for example, you should use easy expressions and explain all ideas and simplify them, while if you’re gonna write for a group of doctors you will not explain or simplify ideas and will depend on the doctor’s previous knowledge.

  • Be innovative in choosing the title

You should write a title that attracts the reader’s attention and makes them want to read the article and this can be done by using an interesting question or using a clever phrase, taking into account that the title reflects the subject matter of the article.

The title also should be searchable since many important topics are now published online. Choose a clear title for the article you want to write, and the title will help and remind you to commit to the topic you’ve already chosen so you don’t be distracted.

Don’t forget that the title will also draw the reader to the article and give him a preliminary idea of the article.

  • Brainstorming of ideas or good research

Everything that can be thought of for the author concerning the topic he wants to write must be recorded by making lists, maps, or drawings. The aim of that is to identify ideas as soon as possible to start writing. Also, you can use reading a newspaper, TV, or just look around for more inspiration and ideas on the subject.

  • Search, study and read

Don’t rely on the information in your head just because you consider yourself an expert on the subject because the knowledge world is constantly changing rapidly thanks to the Internet.

Read the latest updates and see the latest articles that discussed the same or similar topics and find reliable sources and gather enough information even if you will not use them all in the article.

However, it will be shown by your style and confidence in bringing up the topic.

  • Identify a thesis

The thesis is the point of view on which the topic will be written and the observations and ideas that have been drawn in the brainstorming phase are reviewed.

This idea then becomes a complete sentence, turning it into an allegation to include an explanation or a reason for this claim.

Keep in mind that it’s possible to change the thesis when working on the causes and ideas in the article.

  • Be unique

Even if you write an article on a popular subject, and several articles were written on it before, if you presented the topic differently and looked at it from a new angle, you will attract the reader. That is how to write unique articles or content.

Here are a few tips that might help as well | tips to write an article

  • Article writing

Write a draft for the topic or a set of ideas or points that you want to talk about in the article in general. This will help you look at the topic thoroughly and as a whole and this will help you arrange the sequence of ideas, so you should not start with details and get distracted from the topic, where you should write each point or information with a new paragraph and use words or phrases that show the reader its association with the previous paragraph, Example: However, in addition, moreover.

It is also recommended to start each paragraph with a sentence that links it to the rest of the article. Also, it’s advisable to provide evidence for each point, keep in mind that the thesis can be reviewed and expressed in different ways if possible.

  • Introduction

The introduction is an opening sentence or a summary that includes what will be contained in the article or the topic that the article will be talking about.

It’s written in a Brief and simplified way so that it doesn’t exceed one paragraph (about ten lines) and its phrase is concise and useful for the subject of the article so that it reaches the reader.

The introduction must be attractive cause it will determine whether the reader will complete the article or not.

  • Topic

Talk about every idea or point from the previous step.

Explain it and interpret it to the reader in some detail in the form of a structured paragraph.

  • Rewrite

Here you will rephrase each paragraph more formally and clearly to all readers and pay attention to all the rules of writing, and you might need to rearrange the paragraphs in this step, then read it completely like you’re a reader, not a writer, and evaluate it one last time.

  • Article editing

The author must check the spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and delete any irrelevant sections.

Also, vocabulary should be changed to improve expression, and feedback from colleagues, or teachers, can be requested before writing the final version, then adding any footnotes or graphic references if necessary, and provide a clean, tidy, and timely copy.

  • Put a summary or how to write an article summary

Write a summary that you concluded as a reader of the article and do not repeat everything that was written before, but talks about the main idea that the article spoken of in brief.

Writing articles is not a big deal and if you follow logical and deliberate steps you will not have any difficulty, but remember to take your time by researching and studying and then writing slowly and carefully and do not be ashamed to make the adjustments that you deem necessary at any time during or after the article is written.

These article writing tips or format answer your questions about how to to write an article for newspaper, review, publication, or magazine. I hope that helps you well suggest me new topics or modifications I’m ready to help.

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