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In this article, we will talk about a group of websites for making infographics, and how they will benefit you in social media or e-marketing.

During the study in some places, you will notice that most teachers use many ways to make their students understand information, whether through pictures or writing charts where there are planning stages. All that become easy now with infographics art.

The ancients used infographics in the history of mankind and civilizations, nowadays are also used in many areas where designers are relying heavily on images, writing, and symbols.

They enter them flexibly in an educational video or image, but in this article, we will know websites that offer this service and do not need professional’s expertise.

Infographics and its importance
It is a collection of images and words that express or convert complex or large data into graphics to be in a simplified way to those who see it so they can understand information as soon as possible instead of reading a full article in big time.

Today, infographics are the easiest and fastest way to display information and data. Infographics display information in the form of a short story and you can design them on custom design programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, so it is the art of transforming data and information into images and drawings so people can understand information clearly.

There are many names for this design art like conceptual data, interactive data, infographics, informatics designs.

Best websites for making infographics

Not everyone can deal with Adobe package software, especially since it is not open source software, so the alternative is the sites that offer infographic design services.

One of the great websites to design infographics with a single click, you can also check out a number of examples on this site and see the manuals that explain how to design from scratch.

Would you prefer to have something different? this site allows users to create animated infographics with very high-quality for free and you can directly share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Biteable provides users with an attractive and high-quality photo library for designs that can be handled, as well as the site provides Audio clips to make your projects truly rich, with lots of pre-designed scenes.

It is one of the most important sites that give you a great opportunity to make better infographics with many different designs and in different fields, it helps you to make a presentation easily.

Through Visme you can create presentations and attractive graphics with a lot of free images, free fonts, thousands of fantastic icons and many options for audio and video where you can edit any voice online easily.

There is a large library of templates designed by the best international designers, and a convenient location even for non-designers, through which you can make a steady and moving infographic.

It is a graphic tool for designs where you will find your free maker for Infographics. Basically, this tool is suitable for people who haven’t any experience with designing. You won’t have some kind of display control with some other nice tools on the list, but you’ll find that is so easy to make the best infographic in ten minutes.

The site offers improved pre-templates that you can share on social websites on the Internet. It has a simple interface that you can easily use it with dropping and dragging, with a lot of free high-resolution images free of copyrights.

Snappa free package has 5 monthly downloads and 2 social sharing accounts, but you will have unlimited buffer integration, downloads, and uploads of your favorite fonts.

This tool is a very easy design tool and so powerful. It is suitable for any kind of a creative task, from presentations to brochures and more.

It gives users an extensive library of fonts, symbols, features, and photos where you can choose whatever you like, Canva has a very nice tool to make infographics and it is for free to use, with a lot of design templates and fonts for free, it has many additional items that you may have for a dollar.

It is one from the paid design sites, it offers its services for $5, it is a template-based graphic design company that allows users to edit templates and collect images from a very rich library. You can upload your work to cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Adobe Creative Cloud and Confluence.

It is another site to design Infographics. We recommend this site where it gives you drawings in detail and easy to read and see. This site is used by telephone companies and electronic devices in order to calculate funds proceeds and the administrative arrangement of the account. All you have to do is log into the site, register with Gmail or Facebook, or create a private account.

9. easel.Ly
This site is one of the most beautiful and reliable websites for making infographics. It includes most types of Infographics, through this site, you can create a great infographic in the shortest possible time, with a range of pre-existing models that can be selected from these formats.

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