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The best internet speed test sites for pc, Android and iPhone, as well as for testing upload speed, download speed, and ping.

Testing internet speed is one of the most important things that concerns many internet users, where people do their connection tests to check the speed of the internet to make sure there are no problems causing slow or lag on the internet.

Internet speed becomes slow due to many reasons, like internet landline problems, wifi signals, internet service provider issues (ISP) and more.

Internet speed test websites

So here’s our list of the best internet speed test sites and it will be arranged according to users’ evaluation of those sites, follow me…


Speedtest by Ookla, of course, is one of the most famous sites in that field, it exists since the era of low speeds of the Internet, everyone who was testing the speed of the internet in the past was using that site.

If you did not hear about it before, you must give him a chance.

What is great here is that you can measure internet speed in your Android phone, iPhone and Windows Phone where the site provides its own application on both Google Play, iTunes and Microsoft Store.

You can consider this website the original provider of internet speed tests as it is completely free and therefore the user can trust the results he offers.

Ookla provides accurate results of network performance by clicking on a button hence the user can benefit from those free tests to measure the speed of the Internet and know all the information that relates to internet speeds in real-time.

2. Internet Speed Test Google

This site tests internet speed freely, it is a service by Google Fiber, which is one of the original Internet service providers all over the world.

We note that many people rely on wireless communications to activate and operate the internet services.

Also, Google provides the possibility of downloading the company application where it comes with an easy user interface, very simple and this is what many users expect from Google.

It is an ad-free application where users directly find the play button and therefore this will lead to the start internet speed testing process.

You will see the results on the speedometer and that in the middle of your screen. now you can know more about the results of speed in general, what affects speeds and also how to improve speed.


Testmy is another wonderful site here, and what is special about testmy is its use of HTML5 technology instead of Flash Player or Java where the previous site SpeedTest changed to HTML5 because of the vulnerabilities in flash player program.

Certainly, that feature will provide you a great experience to test broadband internet speed.

There is no problem anymore about downloading Flash Player, all you need is a browser.


This site is free and easy to use to test internet speed and this site is a partner with Netflix and can test the speed of the Internet by testing your internet connection between your device and Netflix’s servers.

Also, provides you to be able to see if your current connection speed can show movies that are displayed by the popular Netflix site.

So this site gives you the same results that you can get through your ISP, but it does not provide you with all the information about the Internet speed and solutions to its problems.


Well, what’s so special here on It also contains 45 different servers around the world, providing you with maximum accurate results, no matter what your location is from the world.


This site provides an application and program that performs analysis and coverage of wireless areas, network security as well and a lot of other services that the application can provide you.

Netspotapp is not only an application to test your Internet, but it is also worth noting that through this application you can select the best option for wireless networks through the application’s analysis of rf behavior and the full site survey.

On the other hand, this application works as a repairman solves all the problems of network connections by identifying sources of wireless faults during receiving the service as it can give solutions and professional suggestions.


If compared to other internet speed test sites it will undoubtedly outperform him, it has 17 different servers unlike his predecessor who owns 45 and Speed Test has the same number as well.

BandwidthPlace is still good as you can use it as another source to confirm the result of your examination.


This site offers a useful test of internet speed, upload speed, and download speed as well as information about your contact company and IP address used in the test.

SpeedSmart also supports a group of advanced settings to get the best results and best internet connection, as the site supports the possibility of downloading its speed testing app to your phone.

9. Network Speed Test

Network speed test is an application for users of Windows 8 and 10 where you can download it from the Microsoft store.

This app is good because it has speed and ease of use interface, after launch, it will display information about your network and contains a feature where it will show you the results of previous tests as a reference and that is a great feature.

When using Speed Test, the results were as follows:

Upload speed: 0.92 Mega

Download speed: 4.82 Mega

Ping: 41ms

So what are the results of your internet speed?

10. Xfinity Speed Test

This site provides internet speed tests through Comcast Cable Communications, an easy tool to test internet speed quickly.

The testing process may take just a few seconds to get the internet speed test in downloading and uploading.

Xfinity speed test selects the server automatically to perform a Ping test to measure all internet speeds and you can locate your test location with the possibility of suggesting some tips for you to increase internet speed by notifying you of your internet service capabilities.

11. Verizon Speed Test

This site is one of the most popular internet speed test sites located in the United States of America where it is used by more than 147 million people as well as Internet service providers.

Verizon offers an application with great options for any user, it is a free application to test the internet speed.

Where it comes with a simple user interface and provides you with a wide range of tips and information that is very important.

Unfortunately, this site does not work right now anywhere except in the USA only and may be available at any time to users all over the world.

12. At&T Internet Speed Test

At&T website provides testing internet speed through the tool of DSL Reports, this tool works very well where it shows you accurate results and the results are displayed in the form of a car speedometer.

Now it offers many services such as other sites such as display some information about the internet service provider or your IP address.

13. Meteor app

You can measure internet speed on Meteor app for free through OpenSignal and it works only on android and iPhone operating systems.

As the application allows you to test download and upload speeds also the application provides a split for the performance of phone applications that you use such as Facebook and YouTube and others to 4 categories and determine the evaluation of each application based on the internet connection speed.

Just click on the application that you want to test such as Facebook and Meteor will provide you with an analysis of your internet connection at this time.

14. Telstra Speed Test

Another unique site you can rely on is Telstra Speed Test, through this site you can check the speed of your internet connection either on the computer through an ADSL connection or even on the phone data on mobile.

Enter the site and then click Start to do the scan, and you will wait until the site finishes the test process to show you the results of measuring the speed of uploading, downloading, and ping.

15. Open Speed Test

We conclude with you the list of the best internet speed test sites for measuring internet speed with this wonderful site which is Open Speed Test.

This site that works with html5 in the scan process and that gives greater accuracy, at the touch of a button you will know any speed available to you.

Enter the site and then click on start testing speed to start the scan process, then wait for the process to end and it will show you the download speed and upload speed that you use.

Free Internet Speed Test


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