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You will get to know a list of best websites to learn English that will give you all the information you need on your journey to learn this language. You will find here the most efficient and best English learning websites.

English is one of the most used languages in the world. I consider it a secondary language for all people in the world. It is the language of science, as they publish most scientific references and research studies only in English.

As we mentioned English is the first language in the world in terms of use, prevalence and the interest of many people to learn it, so you will find hundreds of English learning websites on the web, between interactive websites, and others that learn you grammar rules, listening, writing, speaking or talk, so we made sure that the list has sites suitable for everyone and all levels.

Learning English opens up opportunities for their speakers to travel abroad to study at universities and international research centers.

English dominates international communications and the Internet, as most internet websites available are in English.

There are many steps to help you learn English online especially for beginners, and that’s what I will also mention in this article.

Tips for learning English online

Determine your level

If you get bored and easily forget the lesson, you’re learning and you do not feel that you add anything to your knowledge. You should look for websites to determine your level in English. We will offer you a set of useful sites to determine your level on the internet easily.

know how to learn better

Find websites that help you learn better and make the most of your efforts, by looking for the right learning method for you.

Use your computer or phone headphone because many of these sites offer English learning through talking and listening.

– Find topics that suit your interest

When you’re looking for topics that interest you, it increases your desire to learn, listen, read and write.

– Set a daily time for study

When you learn a new language, you always need to practice regularly to improve your educational level. You can achieve this by setting a timetable every day to study English.

Don’t forget to practice English with real people.

The most important thing to learn any language is the vocabulary (words) so before learning grammar or writing feed your mind with words it is the key for good speaking.

Best websites to learn English

Now we put in your hands the summary of years of research, examination, and experience, it’s a list of the best English learning websites for beginners, students, adults, and teachers free.

BBC Learning English

It has 3 sections for different ages whatever their English level. Every section has a lot of interactive videos, lessons, sound recordings, vocabulary, ideas, exercises, and a lot of amusement games which will help you in amusingly learning English.

The BBC English learning site is one of the best websites to learn English where it has high standards in the education process. It’s suitable for those people with previous experience in learning English, and it’s not suitable for beginners.

They design this site for middle and high-level English learners. All that by showing BBC videos. The videos focus on important topics such as news, the latest vocabularies, idioms and English phrases with a collection of videos focused on English pronunciation.

Although there is no interactive speaking feature, this website is very important in improving listening skills.


It helps anyone to learn new idioms, vocabulary, and grammar through quizzes, and interactive games.

Duolingo divides its tutorial sessions by categories such as (food vocabularies, family vocabularies, verbs rules).

The website gives major tips, observations, and focuses on words pronounce and its usage in any contexts.


Another popular site offers a divided educational service in small and interactive activities, those activities simulate sound, speech, writing, and help students to learn step by step.


Learn English through various movie clips, videos and through an interactive way to learn the words you listen to and then have your practice.


This site has an innovative way to learn through audio materials and written articles, the goal is to develop terminology lexicon in your mind, the owner of this website is passionate about learning languages and is proficient in many of them.


A site that offers English learning service via news, where it periodically gives up to date news, then gives you activities and exercises at the end of each news report to develop your English.


It has interactive activities and exercises, topics, and lessons to learn English as well as educational activities and games, all in a single flash platform.

Websites that determine your  level in English


Britishcouncil English learning

It is one of the official English sources that help English language students from all over the world to develop their language skills, and some smartphone apps to help you learn English.

The website offers many options for learning English such as videos, audio clips and various games besides a lot of exercises that focus on different aspects of language learning such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening and speaking.

It has centers across many countries of the world offer English language courses.


This site enables you to learn English vocabulary with pictures and determine your language level also English learning tips.

Learningenglish Voanews

An American news site similar to BBC, the site has a section on English language education where you can watch videos and learn new vocabulary and idioms.

All educational tutorials based on the site’s news and classified at levels that suit all learners with different knowledge.

There is also a special application for the site, you can use it on your smartphone.


This website has seven of the best English teachers from Britain, Canada, and America. They offering you free video lessons with an end-of-course test to estimate how much you understand it.


YouTube is a great place to learn and practice English, but the difficulty lies in choosing the right videos, this site makes the selection process and shows you the right videos to learn English from them.


It is very interesting to find someone who shows you accurate information from start to finish and does not leave you a single point to ask about.

You will learn everything about vocabulary, grammar, listening, writing, reading, speaking and how to make conversations with others.


It has many activities for EFL students and ESL Students. There is a quiz or practice in every part of the language, it is possible to choose the quiz in your language and you are answering in English, this site will help you to learn a lot.


If you want to know about any vocabulary and idioms of any field in the world, you will find it here.

English media lab

When you visit this site, you will find many categories that focus on the development of different language skills for the learner starts from listening, writing, speaking and reading.

There are several levels and stages suitable for everyone such as a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

English interactive

It is one of the best websites for learning English where you will find lots of content that suits different levels.

You can use the site to develop your language skills such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening, whether in videos, texts or audio clips, and categories for grammar rules and vocabulary.

USA Learns

It is an American website that teaches American English through several courses free of charge through its website and applications, the site suitable for beginners and middle school learners.

You’ll also find many lessons for speaking, listening, reading, writing and learning the American pronunciation and many other activities.

English Club

This site suitable for anyone who learns English and teachers who teach English. You will find a lot of content on this site to develop your language skills.

The site also offers instructions for English language exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, training for young people, grammar, vocabulary sections, and other language skills.

I end the list with the English club website because it deserves to be one of the best websites for learning English for all levels.

Another hand-picked websites and apps for learning English

  • – you will lose too much if you didn’t use this app (highly recommended)

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