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In this article, we will talk about how to resize an image online and the best Photo editors online.

If you have a blog on the internet or a personal website, you upload photos inside your topics to attract visitors with these images and to make your site looks nice.

If those images are in big size, then they will harm your site’s user experience, websites speed, and search engine ranking because downloading them takes more time so the visitor leaves and does not come back to you again.

The only solution to this is to reduce the size of your images before uploading them online.

Image compression is so important where it helps you to reduce photo sizes and save space on your computer or phone or web hosting.

Most images taken by any camera are large and take up a lot of storage space, but you can restore that space by resizing images while maintaining its quality by online image resize sites.

Today I came to you with the best sites to resize images to over 80% while maintaining their quality to increase the speed of your websites.

You should know that your website speed is very important to Google and other search engines and also the visitors.

As we know that one of the SEO factors is to reduce the size of images so that any blog or site can load quickly.

At first and before we start, if you need images for free you can visit our free stock photos sites article here.

What are images resize

Initially, compressing media files is to reduce the amount of data available to decrease the number of bits that this data needs for storage.

Any compression processes rely on advanced algorithms that collect identical forms of data together and remove the repeated from them to reduce the size of the required storage space.

For the images, the data that occupies the largest space is the colors, where there are 3 basic colors each color has 256 different degrees, which makes the possibilities number available is 16 million.

Of course, there will be a lot of repeated colors in the same image that occupies space, where the compression process collects similar data together to remove repetitive data and reduce the size of images.

I find that everyone suffers from this problem until I found the best and most important sites and apps to compress PNG/JPG images to the maximum level up to 80% while keeping their full quality.

Sites to Resize Image Online For Free

From my personal experience, I share with you these sites to resize images online to get your images smaller and with the same quality as the picture that is designed on Photoshop or Illustrator or any other software.

1. Squoosh tool

Google Squoosh tool is a web app developed by Google, although there are many sites to resize images on the Internet, this site is the best site you can use.

This site provides the highest resolution you can get to compress images to the maximum size possible while keeping the same quality and the ability to control a lot of image settings with ease.

This tool offers a lot of features that we’ll see later, but one of the main features is that it supports almost all types of images and the ability to increase or decrease quality to any image defaults, with the ability to control and change image dimensions or pixels and many other features.

  • 100% free tool and easy to use.
  • You can easily change the image format from the site.
  • you can resize the image and change its dimensions as you want.
  • A watermark will not mark the image when downloaded after you finish it.
  • Squoosh gives you the ability to show the two images before and after editing.
  • The site doesn’t have ads and you won’t need to register or anything else.
  • Use the site online without the need to use the photo compression software.
  • You can control image quality by increasing or decreasing buttons easily.
  • It shows you the size of the original, compressed image, and the space saved.
  • You can reduce your image size whatever its type, whether PNG, JPEG, WebP.

2. IloveImg

Compress JPG photos for free online with iLoveIMG.

Iloveimg site is one of the most wonderful websites on the internet, in terms of quality in how to compress the size of JPG images for free online.

This site supports many languages with a very simple interface that enables you to easily handle it, where it has an overhead list of work icons On the site header.

When you press image compression it shows a very simple interface that enables you to compress JPG, PNG, or GIF images with the best quality and micro-sized compression ratio.

you just have to choose a picture from your mobile phone or computer and drag it to the site as it supports images selection from Google Drive and Dropbox.

The possibility of cutting the image online while maintaining its quality.

You can convert your photos to JPG, just click on this icon to convert PNG, GIF, TIF, WEBP, SVG, PSD, or RAW images into JPG format and work in the same way as in-site drag.

The most wonderful tool is the tool of editing images where you can add text, pictures, effects, and filters on your pictures online without the complexities of Photoshop or others in a very simple and smooth way.

You can change image size, cut, and change any image rotation, and you can draw, add shapes, stickers, and design photo frames.

anyone can control the frame size and make corners for images.

Users can put a watermark on images whether photo or text, design and rotate any image, it is one of the best online image re-sizers.

3. TinyPNG

Compress PNG/JPG files up to 75% while keeping full transparency.

TinyPNG site is one of the most famous sites to reduce and compress images.

The first picture I compressed on the internet was through TinyPNG site it is amazing, easy to use and simple for beginners on the internet.

You only have to drag the image file inside the site like the previous sites but the difference here that this one does not reduce photo size in kilobits online on its own.

You can add 20 pictures at once, TinyPNG has a tool to analyze your site where you can add a page from yours then it starts analysis process and then poses to you the desired percentage to compress and the speed of your site after the compression of these pictures online.

it has become much easier to compress images than before and with this online free image compression tool, you can compress images and reducing their size while keeping their quality automatically.

Inevitably you will need it one day once you create your first blog post, you should try it out.

4. CompressNow

A website to reduce image size without losing quality.

Compressnow compress photos easily in 3 steps to the smallest size where it has a very simple interface that enables you as an online beginner to compress your online photos and maintain their quality for more than 80%.

once you drag-and-drop pictures to the area of infirmity which is defined by a box to make it easy on you as a beginner, you can drag and drop 10 images at once and download images up to 9 mega per image.

any compressed image is not kept on the site for more than 30 minutes and deleted automatically.

after dropping the image move the upper bar to determine the accuracy and quality of your image you will notice the original image on the right and the resized image on the left

with the movement of the indicator you will see the change in that image immediately with the quality you want and determine the ratio of compression level.

I use it personally for its ease where you can reduce photos size to the minimum size you can imagine.

you can include your picture even if it is greater than 5 mega and this feature is not supported by many other sites where the large picture size in the first box on the left.

Now scroll the tape compression level right or left to reduce the size as you want, then click on Compress now to resize the required photo after that download and choose where you will save it.

5. Imagecompressor

Imagecompressor has a very simple interface as an online image resize site, just upload your images from your device or drop the image file inside the site and let the magic begins.

It reduces the size of images to the maximum level of while keeping the quality

You will find a box with the word UPLOAD FILES click on it to upload the image from your device and then press the next button to it to shrink and minimize your picture size.

You can download at one time up to 20 images and this is one of the simplest ways to compress/reduce photos size.

6. Website Planet

Websiteplanet is comprehensive but we will talk about a very important part of it in detail which is online image resize of course.

Websiteplanet is a giant in terms of what it offers to visitors we will talk about the entire site in detail in a new article but today we will get to know the tool imagecompressor that enables you to compress and resize images.

you will notice that the size of images that you can compress at a time are 40 images with a maximum of 50 mega per image size.

7. ShrinkPictures

Shrinkpictures have an easy interface so when you open the site for the first time you will find a button to add a file through it, but the most important thing is the options provided by the site when reducing pictures size and reducing their size.

You can select image dimensions and choose the right pixels with the possibility of keeping its quality.

They did not forget image quality so the site gave you three options: Best, Better and Good to choose the right for you.

8. ImageOptimizer

How to reduce image size in kb online.

Imageoptimizer site for online image resize is not much different from its predecessors in compressing images and maintain image aspect ratio.

when uploading a picture and while compression you will find the quality of the image and it is possible to adjust image dimensions and lengths suitable for you.

anyone do not need to use Photoshop or any other program to modify images size, really it is a great and simple site.

9. Shortpixel

Shortpixel is an online image resize site, from aside tab in the site it will open you a page to compress pictures.

you can choose from three levels to compress images online all you have to do is dragging the pictures and put them inside the photo compression box, you can preview or save them to your device immediately.

10. Convertimage

Compress images to a smaller size with this website.

Convertimage enables you to minimize the size of many images without compromising its quality.

After minimizing the image it gives you an option to convert the image extension into some extensions including BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG.

11. Imagerecycle

Imagerecycle is a simple and easy-to-use image optimizer online and supports many image types such as GIF, JPG and PNG.

12. Giftofspeed

This website has many services you can try, but it offers a service to reduce image size online also you can choose between compressing JPEG or PNG images each on a separate page.

you can add a link to a specific page from your site and it analyzes any pictures on this page and suggests more solutions to you.

Today I came to you with a direct link from the branches of Giftofspeed to compress images and reduce them to the smaller size.

After any image resize when you compare it to the previous image you will notice the reduction of the size to more than 80% while keeping its quality, you should browse this wonderful site.

13. Compressor

In this wonderful site you can reduce photos size to more than 95% without compromising their quality but what fills Compressor site is that you can not upload all images at once but you can download all images at once on your device or on cloud storage directly, it is really wonderful.

14. Imageresize

one of the best online tools to reduce image size.
Imageresize site reduces image size in kb online.

15. Photoenlarger

Reduce the size of images in all formats GIF, JPG, PNG.
The photoenlarger site is the simplest way to compress/reduce image size.

17. Resizeimage

This site is an online image resize service that has many ways to reduce image size while keeping quality.
Resizeimage helps you to reduce PNG size online free.

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