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Online shopping sites, Let’s say you need a product or a commodity that you want to buy from the market (and let’s say here a camera).

It’s normal to look for the camera you want through the Internet to know its specifications, features, brands available, and prices.

During your search for that camera, you found it with the same specifications you want at a price

less than what is available in the market and shops near you.

Certainly, in this case, you will seek to get the camera at a lower price and save yourself more cost. That’s one of the most important reasons why people shop and buy from online shopping sites that offer online sales services like shipping products and purchases to wherever the customer is, for a simple cost.

The cost often less than the ones we would have paid if we bought from markets and shops near us.

Trusted global shopping sites selling various goods and products:
When talking about online shopping, there are many shopping sites, including international, local, country and regions, as well as stores.

ECommerce stores specialized in specific types of goods and other stores in certain brands, we find, for example, shops for children, private stores, electronics and much more.

Trusted Global Shopping Sites List to Buy From

Here we will get to know popular and reliable international shopping sites that we can rely on when we want to buy a product or commodity online.

1. Amazon

There’s no need to talk too much about this company, certainly, you know it.

Through its giant store, Amazon provides everything you can think of like Products, goods and even electronic services such as booking servers for websites, cloud storage, streaming videos for movies and series, as well as books, electronics, clothes and hundreds of other categories.

As well as shipping to different destinations around the world, guarantees for customers, payment on pick-up service and offers that barely leave its homepage.

It has more than 2 billion visitors from around the world, Amazon has become the largest company ever for online shopping.

2. Etsy website launched in 2005 with the aim of giving artists, artisans and toymakers of all kinds a platform to sell their creations online.

It is now one of the best destinations for people who want to shop for old items, unique gifts, and handmade items.

Etsy now receives an average of 221 million visits per month.

3. AliExpress

Whatever you’ve heard of this store before, it’s become in recent years a big company in the world of online shopping and no less important than Amazon despite the major difference between them.

Ali Express is a Chinese trading company that offers in its online store various forms of goods and products with cheapest prices, making it the first destination for traders to import from and then sell in local markets.

Of course, this means that it is not only for merchants and importers, but also that individuals from around the world can shop through it, bringing their purchases to the country where they are located in a few days no more.

In addition to many other features of the site such as safe payment to protect users from scams, and many various payment methods provided including Western Union and credit cards.

4. Modanisa

If you are a fan of difference and elegance with a combination of modesty and luxurious look and modern fashion you should visit Modanisa it is a fashion site that offers its services to all countries of the world.

This website provides you with a list of the innovations of clothes, accessories, pajamas, shoes and everything the woman needs and veiled girl, from high-quality fashion and veiled dresses and luxury materials from Turkish brands.

You can order and pay through several different methods like credit card payment with 7 to 10 days of shipping, flexible refund and replacement policy.

5. Shopping

Since we are talking about international shopping sites it is necessary to mention this site although it does not provide the possibility to browse in some languages as Amazon and Alibaba.

It also has hundreds of products and goods such as furniture, electronics, and clothing for various brands and companies.

The offer and discount options that shopping offers are just as important as those on Amazon, and Shopping also offer special discounts for merchants who buy from the site in large quantities.

6. Gearbest

If you are a fan of shopping and enjoying cheap products outside your country, then this Gearbest website is your right destination.

It is one of the best Chinese stores ever, with cheap and varied products from clothes, electrical appliances, phones, accessories, Chinese made and cheap and high-quality electronics.

All this is based on personal experience I did the last year and it was a very successful experience.

It’s great to receive products in just 4 days through DHL EXPRESS, the store also offers more than one payment method like Credit cards and PayPal with multiple shipping methods with cheap shipping via registered or express mail via DHL and some other companies.

The site is available to browse in several languages including English and French instead of the possibility of using the Google Translate available on the site to translate it into more than 200 languages.

7. eBay

It is an auction site, but it is nevertheless counted among international shopping sites because it can buy various forms of goods and products including used and old stuff.

eBay does not sell products itself, but acts as a broker between the buyer and the seller only, as the owner of the product display his products or what he wants to sell for shoppers to buy from it while they browsing.

A lot of products on eBay like jewelry, clothing, electronics, musical instruments and many more including artworks from sculptures and different drawings, besides ancient coins and “Antica” pieces.

8. VogaCloset

VogaCloset is a British fashion site for both men, women, and children, which is a great arena for lovers of elegance and luxury brands.

This site presents a collection of fashion, make-up, and luxury accessories from the most famous international brands at the best prices, European and American.

For a fixed shipping price, whatever the number of products on the order, the site provides shipping to many countries.

Other features like payment on pick-up for some countries where shoppers can shop and pay through several other methods such as credit cards and CashU as well as other methods.

Also provides the possibility of returning and replacing products, offers and discounts weekly and seasonal on the finest brands, full security for all your personal information and payment information as well, 100% original products, support service across several ways all the time, fast shipping within days and more benefits.

9. Walmart

From toys to kitchen wares to decorations, sports equipment and hundreds of other categories you can find on Walmart’s website.

It is available for individuals around the world to shop, buy products and then ship them to their locations at affordable prices and often cheap by virtue of offers and discounts that the store offers to its customers.

The site also allows merchants and manufacturers to display their products and sell them through the site in exchange for a commission obtained for each sale made through it, in addition to various payment and shipping methods available when purchasing from the site.

10. Banggood

Banggood is a Chinese website, which is considered one of the best foreign online shopping sites that offer payment when Pick-up as one of the payment methods available to all its customers.

11. Alibaba

This store belongs to the same company that owns Ali Express, offering almost the same services from a display of available goods and products, with a focus on selling wholesale and large quantities.

Shipping services, as well as the available payment methods and protection methods for sales that are made, are the same in the two Chinese online shopping websites.

Alibaba has a product with different brands, so prices and specifications of products of different brands can be compared to determine and purchase the right product.

12. Costco

The warehouse retailer requires an annual membership to purchase its bulk items, often packed as wholesale at low prices.

Members can start buying Costco items online in 2001 with the launch of

13. Focalprice

This Chinese store, which provides various electronic devices and tools like computers, phones, tablets, smartwatches and more.

Focalprice offers Chinese products in the first place, as well as those of non-Chinese companies, of course.

Express shipping, payment on receipt and payment across many available methods such as bank cards and bank accounts are all available on it.

All customers can buy what they want easily.


Kohls’s first store opened in 1962 and since that it becomes a large family fashion and home brand store. The website has been launched in 2001, so the store expanded further lately.

This is our list for the best reliable global shopping sites offering various forms of goods and products with express and regular shipping services, payment methods and even the possibility of retrieving or replacing purchases at some of these stores.

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