38 Best Review Sites For Businesses, Customers And Products

Best Review Websites: Companies’ online presence is a necessity nowadays. A presence is considered the cornerstone for many of them. As users worldwide search for their website to learn more about them, their products, their services, or even look for ways to communicate. With that being said! How To Trust An Online Service?

According to studies, many people decide to deal with a company based on customer review websites. Let me explain! For example, more than half of potential customers determine what bank they’ll switch to, their smartphone, or the web hosting service they need based on other users’ experiences. This proves that user reviews can attract potential customers to a business or product or push them away.

Review Websites

The Importance of Review Platforms

The average person sees enough ads on a daily basis; for customers, this makes it difficult to form a strong opinion about a particular product or service, especially when all alternatives promise to achieve the same results.
That’s why many people are looking for online customer review sites to find information about quality, service level, cost-to-value ratio, and other details.

If Others Think it’s Good, Maybe it is!

Accordingly, consumers refer to online reviews, comments, opinions by unbiased customers to make Enlightened purchasing decisions.
But online review platforms are not only there to help customers know whether the product or service is only up to their standards, but also they allow companies and service providers to take advantage of consumer reviews to generate confidence and gain trust, which create a possibility improve the quality of what they have and increase their client satisfaction rate.
Feedback from customers highlights the business’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals opportunities for improvements, increases customer satisfaction, and opens new possibilities.
For businesses, customer reviews are marketing GOLD; they contribute to improving their online reputation and generate a sense of trust among potential customers.

Use Of Customer Review Platforms In The 21st Century

Thanks to the Internet, our communication methods have undergone tremendous changes over the past years; as product recommendations were limited to words among friends and acquaintances, reviews and promotions are now posted online to review platforms for anyone to view and benefit from.
Studies show that a considerable amount of consumers today trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Let me tell you about something, Ciao.de was one of the first websites to provide customer reviews, product recommendations, and service assessments. Right now, the company no longer exists, but other platforms have followed its footsteps.

Once it Was Just a Niche Website, But Now The Idea is on A Whole Other Level.

Reviews were originally limited to products, but have evolved to include ratings of doctors, teachers, financial service providers, hairdressers, coaches, real estate agents, restaurants, hotels, etc.

So! Let me tell you what you will find in the following lines:

Top Review Websites:

  1. Customer Reviews
  2. Why People Search for Customer Reviews?
  3. List of Business Review Sites
  4. List of Product Reviews Sites

Top Niche Review Websites:

  1. Niche review sites
  2. List of Best Review Sites

A customer review is a description of a product or service that he had; whether he bought and used it, or at least has some thoughts about it; these reviews can also be rated for their usefulness or accuracy by other users.
Bear in mind that customer reviews’ reliability is always in question, so how can we trust a review?
The review must:

  1. Provide helpful and practical feedback
  2. List Elements of influence, customer service i.e.
  3. Be detailed, honest, and specific.
  4. Be civilized and polite.

To summarise, why people search for reviews?

  • Short answer: To know whether a product/service is worth having or not!
  • Long answer: Find out the pros and cons of a product/service and see if it is right for them and make sure that it is of high quality, in addition to getting more information about alternatives, etc.


Best Review Websites (Business) (General):

Including but not limited to:

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a business service from Google that aims to help people searching for a business, services, or even business information for a specific place in mind.
It has overtaken most of the similar services, thanks to Google’s search engine superiority.
Placing your business on Google My Business is not only free but also it is one of the most important things to do to increase your customer reach rate.
Over time, Google My Business service has improved after many updates and improvements, thanks to its efforts. From Google Maps snippets, which only showed the business’s name and location, to the current form that is information-rich and includes location, working hours, the nature of the services, etc.

2. BBB (Better Business Bureau)

The Better Business Bureau or (BBB) aims to help people find companies, charities, and brands they can trust.
BBB is one of the most respected references when you need to know how trustworthy a place is before giving them your money!
The BBB allows you to search for reviews, find resolved and unsolved disputes against a company, and, most importantly, obtain an overview of the business you’re about to deal with.
Since its establishment in 1912, The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been a necessary asset for evaluating a business or service in terms of reliability and performance.
For example, if you are looking for a new ISP or a plumber :D, just take a look at the company’s BBB profile for an extra degree of confidence. Or, if there is a charity that you want to support, simply do the same to make sure it is legitimate.

3. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon was one of the first online markets to allow consumers to post product reviews before the 2000s. It remains an important reference for consumers seeking correct buying decisions.
For your Information, Amazon began training their consumers to use their review system a long time ago. Therefore, we should probably thank them for making this a part of their online consumer routine.
Even if people decide to buy a product elsewhere, if it is sold on Amazon, many will take a look at the product review on Amazon before they do.

4. TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor is an American online travel company that runs a mobile application and a website using user-generated content.
Trip-Advisor provides hotel reservations, transport reservations, accommodations, travel experiences, and restaurant reservations.
Therefore, if you are in the travel, entertainment, or restaurant industries anyplace around the world, you’ll want to check out their site.
As the most comprehensive website for traveling globally, they have over 200 million reviews, opinions, and photos available, thanks to the travelers. They also have great content about travel guides and low airfares for almost every place worldwide.

5. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an online consumer reviews platform, founded in Denmark in 2007. It is considered a fast-growing platform and generally depends on user-generated data to provide its services, and nearly a million reviews are published monthly. The website offers free and paid plans for their customers.
The company relies on software, users, and its team to check the quality of reviews on the site regularly.
Trustpilot has offices in several locations. Including New York, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, and employs more than 500 people.
Keep in mind that many discussions consider Trustpilot reviews may have a considerable amount of fake reviews, but this claim needs to be researched.
The platform helps companies around the world to collect customer opinions and reviews about services and businesses.
As we mentioned before, the platform relies on customer input in writing both product and seller reviews. It also offers a free version available to everyone that gives you the ability to create a personal page and provide your review or opinion about a product or service. There is also a paid version, and its purpose is to offer more options to business owners on the platform.

6. Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook is considered one of the most important social websites. As people become more accustomed to the use of technology in their lives, the website became one of the top-most important sites on the Internet. It is still popular among users because of the number of possibilities it offers.
Since its first days, there has been almost a general agreement on Facebook’s overwhelming spread among many of its competitors, and it can be explained as follows:
Uniqueness: The website is outstanding compared to other competitors considering its idea, service, and quality.
Quality: The founder was able to know how people think about a product at a subconscious level. Therefore, he succeeded in providing every means that attracts users to spend more time on the platform.
Ease of use: It is understandable by the ease of access and ease of creating a new account through simple steps that do not need much time.
Considering the significant number of Facebook users, it becomes clear why this site is an important reference for obtaining user reviews. By the nature of Facebook’s services and its system, its users’ ability to leave a review or a comment for a particular product or service is an obvious thing to be around. With the quality of these reviews are out of the equation; still, you might find a thing or two that would help. After all, it’s all free information!

7. Yelp

Yelp is known to provide its visitors with reviews of services and products they had, only to help other people take notes and gather info from others’ experiences of services and products to help them make a wiser buying decision.
The website is not only known to publish reviews, information about hotels and other businesses and evaluate them, but also has become a sort of a niche search engine with millions of reviews of hundreds of thousands of companies, services, products, and brands.
Keep in mind that for companies and businesses, it is no longer the only option available to them to offer services, receive reviews, evaluations, and market their brand. Since 2013, Facebook and Google have gone to offer competing services.
In simple words and numbers, it is true that Google and Facebook have the numbers on their side and have a tremendous user base, but this is not a justification for companies and businesses to ignore Yelp because it is still has something to offer, and here’s how?
According to an in-depth survey conducted by Nielsen in 2016, which surveyed 2,000 people from the U.S., customers are more willing to make a purchase decision after visiting Yelp, a good sign that shows people still trust Yelp after all!
Accordingly, 25% of customers make a purchase just a few hours after visiting Yelp and reading reviews for a particular product or service.
Eventually, I can confirm one clear fact that ignoring Yelp is not the right decision. It is better to gather free info from any website before buying or selling anything online.

8. Manta

Manta, a site that provides customer reviews for companies and has a unique feature, which is instead of immediately displaying the top reviews, the search results are organized based on how similar the results are to your search words. Get it?

Manta differs from most review sites because it focuses on connecting users more than displaying reviews for businesses and products.
To get customer reviews for something, Manta offers you a unique way! First, select a business type, then you’ll get more than one way to customize your search, and then see the results listed one by one before your eyes.
The results include an overview of each company, the nature of its services, location, work hours, and, of course, the opinions and reviews of users.
With that, customers use reviews in determining whether the destination is trustworthy and reliable or not!
As long as your company is at the top of Manta’s search results, you’ll have a greater chance of getting Potential Customers.

9. Foursquare

Foursquare is a social service available for users on smartphones or PCs. To use Foursquare, you (Open their website) download the app from either the Play Store or the App Store.
Its purpose is to help you discover information about businesses and famous landmarks around you. Each time you use it, you can share information about the visit’s location with your friends.
Get in touch
Once you have the Foursquare app on your phone, the idea of communicating with your friends will have a new look!
To get the most out of Foursquare, remember every time you visit a new place to tap on “Check-In,” so everyone will know that you were visiting this business and spent time there. And by applying this idea with a sufficient number of users, you will see why we have put this service on the best review sites. The importance of user-generated data is clearly shown here. Because after enough time has passed, a significant amount of information will be available about many places around you, and thus you will have a new reference for users’ opinions about a specific place, service, product, or business!
So once you visit a restaurant, hotel, etc., leave a review about it. Other people can review it to determine if going there worth it or not!
Likewise, you can read other’s reviews to determine if new places worth your visit.

10. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a paid business review portal in which users can search for information on various types of businesses, view reviews, ratings by others, or even write their own!
The review website offers online services such as free professional-grade pieces of advice in the Solution Center and hiring experts. Also, you can watch videos to know more about home improvement and Do-It-Yourself projects.
Moreover, you have the Pricing Guide, a tool on Angie’s List website and app (IOS/Android); with that, you’ll know the average cost for a specific service or product. But of course, to get the most out of Angie’s list review website, you’ll have to create an account!


Top Product Review Websites:


CNET is an American media site, founded in 1994. C|NET specializes in publishing reviews, articles, and videos about technology and electronics.
It’s your best bet when searching for electronic products best review sites because It combines a mind-blowing presentation with very accurate information about various products and services.
The site’s reviews section is our point of interest today; it generates over 4,000 product reviews yearly. The Reviews section also features Editors’ Choice Awards in which you’ll find innovative products and of high quality.
CNET even goes beyond standard reviews because Their accuracy; They’re great starting points if you are just getting into a consumer tech niche.

2. BestProducts

The Best Products team spends hours and hours researching products and conducting tests to verify their quality, as well as doing researches and providing reviews that they think their audience will find useful.
This site includes product reviews in many categories, such as technology, fashion, travel, food, cars, etc.
They have a list of recommendations for each category, which is very useful when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. They claim to have unbiased reviews, but we’ll leave that for you to decide whether it’s true or not!

3. Amazon – Product Reviews

Although Amazon is a buy & sell website, nowadays, it has become a reliable source for best product reviews.
The customer feedback section on Amazon is an excellent source of information as you can find an overwhelming amount of reviews that help distinguish between good and bad products.
Amazon has gone through many difficulties in making their customer reviews as reliable as possible. Despite this, there can be fake reviews and biased reviews, so focus on the pros and cons of the product.

4. ConsumerReports

Consumer Reports is an American-born non-profit organization that provides unbiased product testing. Founded in 1936, its primary purpose was to be a source of information that consumers can use in evaluating the quality and performance of products.
Since that time, the company has continued to test and analyze products and services and defended consumer rights in legislative areas.
Consumer Reports publishes reviews and product comparisons based on reports and results from their lab.
Consumer Reports accepts no ads and pays for all products they test.

5. TestFreaks

TestFreaks is a company specializing in product reviews; its website was launched in 2007 in several languages. TF provided users with reviews and comparisons among a wide range of products.
In the product review site niche, it was one of the best. Rather than specializing, TestFreaks had reviews on almost any product you can guess. From household goods to electronics and entertainment. Moreover, TestFreaks gathers many reviews for each product. From professional-grade reviews to everyday internet user reviews; It then distills them down to a 5-star rating system so you can get a quick snap of what a product had with professionals and the public.

6. Which?

Which? is a company located in the United Kingdom, founded in 1957, and began its work as a magazine to protect consumer rights and maintain the quality of services and products available in the market through tests and evaluations.
That is to highlight the substandard products or services and provide advice to everyone.
Which? Tests are conducted in a specific way for products and services, and then the company publishes its conclusion on its website or its magazine.
Which? Tests include Performance, safety, efficiency, value for money, etc.
Fun Fact! The company gives an award for the top-notch products or services that they dealt with during the tests, and it is called the “Best Buy” award, which is something recognized by consumers and business owners.

7. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is an American-born women’s magazine that Includes articles on women’s interests, product testing, recipes, diets, useful information on health, etc.
This review website provides the best product reviews for a wide range of household products to give you facts about what is a good buy and what is not.
You can also find information about appliances, sanitary products, gardening tools, and all kinds of other household items that can be found here.
One point worth mentioning about this site is that if a partner sponsors the content, it will be clearly stated, so you don’t get surprised if you find this content biased.

8. Youtube

YouTube product review videos have paved the way for many content makers who are not necessarily experts or bloggers but have trusted insights and opinions in technology and many other fields.
For example, in the Beauty business, many videos are published under the name Best Beauty Products. According to a study, 86 percent of the top 200 YouTube videos of this niche were made by content creators rather than manufacturers. This indicates that consumers prefer to know information about the product from a source other than the brand when they intend to make a purchase.
Despite this, keep in mind that some you’ll find some cons in using YouTube as a source for the best product reviews because:
Many reviewers don’t perform stress tests on products; the vast majority simply enjoy taking the product out of its box and enjoying how it looks.
The possibility that anyone can create a product review video will make you spend more time till you find content creators with the level of expertise to provide a review loaded with correct information.

9. Viewpoints

Viewpoints is a review platform for home appliances and household devices, where customers can find useful information on products such as washing machines, beauty products, etc.
Also, there is a section on daily services such as Internet service providers, TV providers, etc.
So, if you’re willing to take a trip to the store and buy some supplies, Viewpoints is the best option for you to be aware of what you are about to buy.
Viewpoints still maintain its place among the best product review sites for household goods.

10. ConsumerSearch

ConsumerSearch facilitates product search process for consumers; since 1999, the company continued its efforts in providing thousands of product reviews, specifications, and comparisons to give you the product that suits you the best.
ConsumerSearch follows a strict system in creating product reviews, focusing on what reviewers liked, disliked, and what they found helpful in each product.
ConsumerSearch can help you find the best Bluetooth speaker or even the best energy-efficient washing machine for your home.


Niche review sites are more specific to a certain business or even subcategories within. If you are looking for the best product review sites with more accurate descriptions, these customer review sites will be beneficial.
After research, we came up with this, taking into account the site’s domain authority and general quality.
These are some of the best review sites on the Internet for businesses in the United States and other places. Below you’ll find a list of niche review sites worth checking out!

Best Book Review Websites:

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a website that allows anybody to freely search its database of books as well as comments and reviews. You can easily create a personal account and enjoy registering books and creating reading lists. Also, you can create your own group to share book suggestions and discussions.
Site members can subscribe to a daily newsletter for the purpose of receiving new books, suggestions, etc.

2. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a website for indexing, storing, and sharing book catalogs as well as various types of information. The site is not only used by authors, but also by individuals and libraries, and publishers.
An advantage of LibraryThing is to index books and other media by importing their data from libraries. You can also import information from over 2000 libraries, including the British Library, Library of the Congress, Yale University, etc.

3. Bookish

Bookish is a unique online library with great book recommendations. The service was launched in February 2013, dedicated to books!
Bookish com allows users to browse an extensive database of books, as well as get personalized recommendations.


Best Movies Review Websites:


IMDB is considered to be one of the most popular and influential websites for movie reviews. It’s regarded as the first source of key information about any film or series or actors and film workers.
Besides, IMDB has a voting system to evaluate each film with a score of (1-10), a total voting score for each film, and voters’ number.

You can also search for any movie, series, etc., and all you’ll find is information about people or technical matters such as actors, directors, designers, music writers, etc.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a website specializing in ratings, news, reviews, and information about movies. And to be honest, while searching for a proper description for it, what I got is that it is like a fishbone in your throat if you’re a movie director! Jokes aside, it’s well-known enough for you to know! Please give it a go; maybe you’ll find a new movie to watch.

3. Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is an American film critic, who began his career in 1966.
In 1975ish, he was the first film critic to win a Pulitzer award. In the same year, Ebert collaborated with film critic Gene Siskel on a TV show where they discussed the quality of films.
You can check his top 10 list of recommended movies to get why he was that famous. Don’t forget to check Wikipedia; you’ll find more than enough info about his life.


Best Car review Websites:

1. Edmunds

Edmunds is a service that specializes in providing all the information customers need before buying a new or used vehicle. Through the company’s database, you can search for cars, trucks, and electric vehicles.
You can also search for cars by the manufacturer, model, and body type categories, such as hatchbacks, convertible cars, or hybrids.

2. Cars.com

Cars.com allows you to see everything your heart desires about cars as well as enough information about everything you need before you buy or sell a car.
In case you want to buy a car, for example, Cars.com helps you make a wise buying decision with its many search settings. Plus, you can get modified cars or ones with a specific mileage.

3. Car Gurus

CarGurus analyzes millions of car listings using a unique evaluation algorithm to determine the market value of each, which takes into account many factors that affect the value. Including the car’s manufacturer, model, mileage, vehicle condition, in addition to many other variables.
Besides analyzing available inventory and arranges matching listings based on keyword or price when a user searches for a specific vehicle.
CarGurus is giving an extra boost to merchants who received positive reviews from buyers.


Best Phone Review Websites:

1. GSMArena

GSMArena is a site that provides information about phones covering various brands, including Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG, etc.
It provides you with the latest articles about cell phones, software, games, operating systems, and more.
GSMArena provides a “compare” service that enables its users to compare mobile phones through pictures and specs.

2. GizBot

Gizbot, a website where you can learn more about phones, computers, cameras, and the Internet in general, as well as social media and games.
At Gizbot, a team of writers works tirelessly to bring out news and updates, enabling their users to keep up with the recent updates through articles and videos.

3. AndroidPIT (Nextpit)

AndroidPIT is a website featuring Android hardware and software, as well as reviews and pieces of valuable advice.
A team of over 15 editors has a simple mission: to help improve and our lives more with Android. Dedicated to keeping up with the best new hardware and apps, AndroidPIT helps you to choose the right specs for your next smartphone. And once you’ve downloaded an application or bought a new device, they’ll help you get the best from it with tips and advice.


Best Restaurant Review Websites:

1. OpenTable

OpenTable is a top leading provider of online restaurant reservations with more than 54,000 restaurants in nearly 20 countries. The employees of OpenTable is estimated at around 1,200 in 10 offices worldwide.
OpenTable focuses on improving its database to provide the right restaurant recommendations for you. With more than 2 billion processes since 1998, they have a ton of information dedicated to helping diners find the right restaurant every time.

2. ZOMATO (UrbanSpoon)

Zomato is a website and smartphone app service for restaurant search, food ordering, and a restaurant rating platform.
The website also provides information about restaurants in over 20 countries and provides online food ordering and delivery service and premium restaurant subscription services, allowing users to discover and review new restaurants. It also allows their users to create their own foodie groupings to share recommendations.

3. Zagat

Zagat was founded by Tim and Nina Zagat as a way to collect and evaluate restaurants with the help of other clients. In its first release, they covered New York City with the help of their friends and friends of friends. Later, Zagat included 70 cities, with reviews and ratings based on inputs from over 200,000 people. And also had ratings for hotels, nightlife, shopping, zoos, music, movies, theaters, and airlines.


Best Hotel Review Websites:

1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the largest travel planning website globally; it allows travelers to plan their trip adequately before doing anything.
It also offers advice from actual travelers and a wide range of tools that simplify this task for you.
TA is the largest traveler community in the world, with over 250 million monthly visitors and over 100 million reviews of over 2 million hotels and restaurants. It covers these places in 30 countries.

2. Trivago

Trivago is a hotel and accommodations search platform that quickly sieves through the available metadata of hotel websites and other traveling portals to find you the best deal in no time.
Same as Google Trips, you do not book directly through Trivago but are taken to the hotel or booking website to start the process.
Find a room in a hotel, and Trivago earns a small commission.
These days, metadata searches are becoming popular among travelers who want to take advantage of computer technology to quickly find the best deals.

3. Booking

In the hospitality market, we clearly see the amount of fierce competition between companies, which shows how vital a good booking engine is and how necessary it is as a travel partner when making reservations. During our research, we found that Booking.com was one of the handiest options to get the job done.



Always Take advantage of others’ experiences with services and products on the Internet before you decide to try any of them through articles, ratings, discussions, and reviews. And if there is an opportunity to contribute to the expansion of this encyclopedia, please do!

Last but not least, here’s an overview of what we mentioned today; Reviews about B2B (Business to Business) and B2C ( Business to Customer) and Products – (UPDATED):

List Of Best Review Sites:

  1. Google My Business
  2. BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  3. Amazon Customer Reviews
  4. TripAdvisor
  5. Trustpilot
  6. Facebook Ratings and Reviews
  7. Yelp
  8. Manta
  9. Foursquare
  10. Angie’s List

List Of Best Product Review Sites

  1. CNET
  2. Best Products
  3. Amazon – Product Reviews
  4. Consumer Reports
  5. TestFreaks
  6. Which?
  7. Good Housekeeping
  8. You Tube
  9. Viewpoints
  10. ConsumerSearch


We’ve also mentioned Book Review Sites, Movie Review Sites, and more.

I hope you found that helpful! FYI, we’re going to update this list soon enough. Maybe to add or remove somebody, who knows?
Any ideas or thoughts about improvements, feel free to comment below. We’ll be more than happy to reply 😀

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