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Education is no longer limited to universities and routine academic courses that the ministries of education and universities in our countries have, but now we can learn on online education sites in any of the areas we want, even if our high school degrees are not qualified for this.

Thanks to the Internet that make anyone of us can learn a lot and a lot in any field he wants, whether it’s the same specialty that he studied at the university or otherwise or even if you haven’t yet.

Free online education sites with certified certificates

If you’ve reached a university level or not, or if you’re a university student and you want to enhance your skills and knowledge more than what is available in your university curriculum. Here we’ll get to know a list of free online education sites that offer courses in various disciplines and certified certificates that you can attach to your CV.

1. Edx

EDX is one of the most famous online education sites in the world, it is a platform of cooperation between a group of educational institutions, and the most prominent of them is Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with many other centers.

They offer their courses on video, exams for each course and a certificate after finish studying all for free, now if you wish to obtain a paper certificate you can do so after paying a specified amount of money.

All courses at this platform are provided by universities, institutes, and international educational centers, which gave EDX more importance and preference over other platforms for the content quality they offer, and of course, all courses on this site are in English.

2. Khan Academy

Thanks to the MOOC revolution of this academy, Khan Academy is one of the oldest and most important sites that have embraced the ideology of distance learning and continues to offer countless lessons joined by many and many students.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to spread academic science to all using the most advanced educational methods.

It provides you with free theoretical sources that are prepared on a world-class educational level.

3. Coursera

It is also one of the world’s leading online education sites, when we talk about a list of free educational sites it is necessary to mention this platform specifically, as it is one of the oldest sites in this field.

This site offers a wide range of courses in various education fields, such as business, marketing, social media, Medicine, science, health, management, history, and languages, also at this platform, you can get a certificate after complete your course if you attend all the lectures for any of the courses available for free. If you want your certificate to be issued by the paper, you must pay a fee.

Coursera provides help to students who need a degree but do not have the physical capacity of money to purchase any certificate, so they can obtain their certificate, Free of charge after they apply an application for it.

Any certificates provided by the platform are internationally accredited and documented by the world’s leading universities and educational institutions that offer courses on that platform.

4. Open Education Consortium

Oeconsortium was established in collaboration with higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world, offering rich and open educational content.

5. Future Learn

Almost like previous platforms, free certificates are offered in their electronic and paper-based form with fees, Courses available on Future Learn are from different areas and specialties, some of them are offered free of charge, the others are paid at costs that vary from course to course.

Also, courses offered by top universities and centers such as Oxford, Cambridge, British Council, and other educational institutions.

6. UC Berkeley Webcasts

UC Berkeley is a great website that offers a mix of audio and video lectures in various disciplines from California University by some of the best university professors worldwide.

7. Udacity

Another popular platform was established in 2012 and was initially focused on computer, technology and programming disciplines, later expanded to include a lot of other specialties.

When you visit Udacity you will find a wide range of free courses where students can get a certificate after completion of the course.

as well as tests that are attached to each course and discussion spaces that are among the learners.

8. Free Ed

Free-Ed contains a compilation of many resources that help you in any field of education you want.

9. Udemy

Although this platform is not a 100% free online education site, you will find a lot of free courses and more paid courses in any area.

This platform always makes big discount campaigns that sometimes make the courses available on it completely free for a limited time.

Udemy offers certificates like other platforms. additionally, anyone can sell a course through this platform or even offer it for free.

10. MIT Open Courseware

MIT OpenCourseWare is one of the great online education sites that includes pdf-format lectures, Audio/Video Lectures, and exams in many different disciplines provided by the University of Matsushita.

11. Lynda

Lynda website offers some free online courses at the beginning of the subscription on the site through the trial period.

It is one of the most famous and powerful sites in the field of remote education.

12. Academic Earth

A collection of distinguished academic lectures provided by a selection of professors around the world and from the world’s leading universities, all assembled on Academic Earth.

13. Open learning

OpenLearn targets to break down barriers in education by reaching a lot of learners all over the world and providing them with many educational resources free.

14. University of the people

Uopeople is another great website for free online courses.

15. Alison

Unlike previous sites in this list, Alison is a free educational site that offers certificates in some areas. Allison’s website offers training courses in the field of Business, technology, and health, also they include language courses.

It’s a great choice if users need a certificate, as Allison also offers courses as a curriculum that gets a certificate at its end.

16. Open2study

Another unique website is Open2study that offers many free online courses in a variety of disciplines.

17. Codecademy

Codecademy is a web site dedicated to teaching programming. Training example; The Codecademy includes a live training window, this means that you can practice programming while viewing the lesson material.

Courses at Codecademy are well written and easy to follow and the site is very well organized. Codecademy has a centralized information panel where you can monitor your progress, in addition to organizing lessons in full modules.

18. Class central

Discover free online courses on Class Central (MOOCs) from universities such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard University, etc.

19. Iversity

Iversity is a free German online education site and has English courses.

20. WikiBooks

It is a free library of educational books that anyone can read for free and without restrictions all that on WikiBooks.

21. iTunes U Free Courses

iTunes U is a very convenient place for free online education because it seamlessly integrates with your iPod or any mobile device from Apple is like an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, where users must download the iTunesU app.

Desktop users can access iTunesU in the top right corner of the iTunes Store. iTunesU is also appropriate because the store is categorized and arranged like iTunes.

Apple’s free app ” gives students access to many courses in one place in the form of video, audio lectures, books or presentations.

Users can search for educational materials in several different ways, including type and subject. However, courses are often a combination of free videos and paid content.

ITunesU includes training courses on a wide range of topics, but it is not integrated with Android, Google or portable Windows devices.

22. University of London Podcasts

The podcast page on the University of London website is another great source of free distance learning.

Courses are limited to podcasts from its own, as well as from 11 universities in and around London; This gives learners a broad base of subjects and lectures, In addition, it guarantees in-depth learning.

23. Open Culture Free Online Courses

If you’re struggling to find specific specialty courses, try the Open Culture courses list in the free courses section.

This page highlights 1,000 lectures and many videos and podcasts from universities around the world.

The site contains a lot of learning material that only found on private university sites, all in easy-to-browse categories.

That means you can find hundreds of free university courses, without having to visit and research the site of each university.

The Open Culture list includes courses from England, Australia and Wales and many U.S. universities across the United States.

It is a very useful source to find many courses in one particular area of study.

24. TED-Ed

If you want to learn more lessons and get more ideas you should visit TED-ED.

25. University of Michigan

Students can access free online courses from the University of Michigan in engineering, information science, Spanish and chemistry, through the site you can follow-up lectures, publications and assignments, as well as presentations.

The University of Notre Dame offers lectures in fields such as English, Mathematics and peace studies. These courses were offered as curricula at the university include lectures, readings, homework, and tests.

26. CK12

You can visit CK12 to learn more about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, Geometry, and more.

27. Yale University

Yale University includes video study materials include audio and transcription of lectures also include suggested readings, quizzes, and examinations.

28. Utah State University

The University of Utah provides free access to online courses through OCW. These courses include everything from anthropology to natural resources.

Lectures can include lecture notes, homework and reading tasks. Educational materials can be downloaded or displayed directly on the site.

29. Fun Brain

Fun Brain is another good choice for kids who want to learn online, but focuses on games, entertainment, videos, books, and puzzles, through focusing particularly on mathematics and reading.

Fun-Brain based approach can be valuable; If the child continues to follow up and attention.

Fun Brain also offers rewards and challenges, that aims to create an unusual learning experience for children from kindergarten to eight.

30. Memrise

A particularly powerful tool if you are studying a language. Memrise also includes many other topics.

What makes Memrise special? it is the integration of games into educational materials, blending learning and entertainment.

31. BBC Podcasts

For the informal learner, the BBC podcasts offer a wide variety of audio material on many different subjects.

Most podcasts are updated weekly, focusing on everything from finance to sports to current events.

Through the podcast’s global service, we find that it contains many different languages.

32. W3Schools

Learn HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, ASP, SQL, ADO and VBScript.
You can find lessons, references, and examples all that with w3schools for free online tutorials.

33. Stanford Online

Stanford online Special Center for All Online Presentations from Stanford University.

It is a great site for high-quality courses, although the topics are somehow limited compared to

other sites.

34. Livemocha for learning languages free

Livemocha is one of the most popular online education sites in the world that offer learning languages free such as English, Spanish, and other languages.

35. Harvard Extension School

Like Stanford Online, Harvard Extension offers free online courses from Harvard only. This one

is another excellent source of primary course materials, although the range of courses is less rich than multi-source sites.

In addition, Harvard Extension allows you to search for professional-certified courses. That makes it easier if the goal of online education includes a certified certificate.


Code is another web site that focuses on programming and application coding. The site has high-quality courses, it also has learning options for kids.

In addition to child-friendly courses, Code offers free online lessons on a wide range of technology topics.

37. Google Education

Google for education service will help you a lot in digital marketing and more.

38. Whyville

This site is similar to children’s free education websites that include a variety of social features, with a focus on educational materials for young people.

Whyville also has educational games, that makes the site a good choice for younger children for simple games, but it contains also more complex material in the game list.

39. University of Oxford Podcasts

Oxford University podcasts have many different audio learning materials most of them are a series of public lectures or lectures from professors or teachers, with many different recordings available.

40. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

The free distance learning site from Carnegie Mellon University is similar to other sites on this list; however, the open Education Initiative also covers a smaller set of topics.

41. LessonPaths

LessonPaths is another great tool for those looking for a more convenient way to use to access educational materials.

On this site, users create playlists for their favorite learning materials from other sites.

42. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Children’s website is another site that makes free online distance learning applicable to young users.

For those who looking for a child-friendly education; they will find a large variety of games, puzzles, videos, and photos that will keep their children interested.

National Geographic Kids does not organize the learning process in training courses, which make learning materials available by topic and content, This makes National Geographic Kids a good choice for those looking for an informal learning environment.

We offered you the best free distance learning sites that enable you to learn more topics and enrich your general culture except that most of these sites give you internationally certified certificates.

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