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In this article, I will tell you answers to the questions in your mind about how to start programming for beginners, the best modern programming languages, the most popular programming areas in the labor market, and the resources to learn better and faster.

Therefore, this article will be a reference for you in all necessary key points when you learn programming.

Before you learn any language, you must have sufficient knowledge of the basic concepts of programming, the most used programming languages, and to be a professional; you first need to know the basics of programming and its languages.

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The five basic concepts of programming

1. Variables

Variables are the basis of any programming language; the variable is a way to store the information to be used later and can be retrieved by referring to a word or term that describes that information.

2. Control structures

It is a piece of code that analyzes variables and selects how to execute according to the available factors, where it specializes in decision-making and determining responses according to inputs.

3. Data compositions

It is a way to store and arrange data to be easily accessible and used when needed.

4. Syntax

A set of rules and commands you have to understand how to formulate them correctly.

5. Tools

The tool is a program that makes it easier for you to program more efficiently and quickly, and there are thousands of tools to choose anyone from it.

You must define your goals accurately and professionally, because the field of programming is wide and has a lot of disciplines, and the job market is open to all areas.

If you want to be professional in one area, you must have sufficient knowledge. First, the concept of each area it helps you to make a right choice.

Programming Areas
1. Windows Applications
2. Web Applications
3. Mobile Applications

Categorize programming languages by the purpose of use

Programming languages can be divided by the purpose of their use, you will find programming languages dedicated to web programming.

These languages are one of the easiest and simplest programming languages, so they are suitable for beginners, such as (HTML) (CSS).

We use the two languages in web programming: there are other languages such as JavaScript, which are used to program web browsers and edit pages continuously and directly.

Besides these languages, there is Python language that can be used for server programming or back-end, also (PHP).

Some languages can be used in mobile application programming, including Java, which is the primary language for Android os and its counterpart Swift that is developed by Apple, which is used to program iOS applications.

JavaScript can also program mobile applications.

Desktop applications can be programmed using several languages, including Java, which is positive because of its ability to use the same app on multiple operating systems.

There is a C# language, which enables the programmer to develop applications with interfaces and windows for Windows operating systems.

Swift can program desktop applications for the Mac operating system.

For video game programming, we can use some languages as the C# language; it is adopted by the unity game engine that supports the development of 2D and 3D games, and the engine allows game development for different operating systems.

Java has some libraries that can program games as an open-source library.

Haxe can also be used in programming 2D games quickly and easily, as we can integrate this language into other software languages such as C++ and Java.

JavaScript can help you to program games that work on web browsers.

There are other languages with specific uses, including R, which specializes in data mining, analysis, and various calculations, and you can consider it as an alternative to MATLAB, which has a high licensing cost.

Python can perform data processes and can write texts (scripts).

computer codes

Choose the right programming language for beginners

The best way to choose a language is to focus on the problem: “Why would you want to make a program code?” where your choice of the language depends on the goal you seek, but many programming languages are similar and share some basic concepts.

You should choose a language and stick to it until you have a good understanding of it and then move on to another.

After selecting your preferred language, install all required programs for this language on your PC, such as integrated development environments (IDEs), which are text editing programs that contain a translator (Interpreter) or a language converter (Compiler) for programming.

Now write your first code, and Hello World is one of the most popular simple programs that beginners do, as the program prints the phrase “Hello World” on the screen.

Learn by practicing not reading

The best way to learn anything is to do anything repeatedly, and the same goes for programming where you can read a lot about a topic having no difficulty understanding it, but if you don’t deal with codes, you’ll never remember how to build syntax when you want to apply it for the first time.

Find multiple sources

One explanation from one source will not give you the full picture of understanding a piece of information.

Each source you use will help you understand more and more accurately, so don’t settle for one source, and you will feel the big difference in the speed and ease of learning in this period.

You should depend on different types of content such as video, photos, articles, various training courses, and you’ll understand more when you read information from the “1” source. You’ll get additional details from reference 2, and so on.

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