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Studying is an essential step to get the best results, and it’s based on organizing a study schedule in which ‘time’ is allocated appropriately, However, it’s not that easy, So,let’s talk about it, the problem of keeping informations and being able to absorb and remember it is one of the most important problems facing students, regardless of their age, and where they are in the world, especially during the exams period and study pressure.

So many parents, students seek to solve this problem using various ways and methods, so we’re gonna show you some of the best ways to study.

–         Prepare for studying!

Well! do you need an article for that?? away from the psychological side(that’s what you need an article about) just gather your pens and pencils over there and don’t forget the special tools that you might need, just remember that the most important thing is the study place, you gotta pick a quiet place that you enjoy being around, you need to be picky when it comes for this.

– How Can I Study?

  • Set your goals:

You have to set a goal (short-term and a long-term) that you want to reach, so it remains a motive to persevere.

  • Organize your thoughts:

This facilitates this process by increasing the ability to store and link information to one another, thus remembering it won’t be a big deal.

  • Self-confidence :

Self-confidence is one of the most important factors in this endeavor, it gives you the ability to make a lot of effort to achieve greater success so that you can prove it to yourself before you prove it to others that you can do what you want.

  • A quick reading of information:

This kind of reading is the first step in the study process, helping to take a quick and comprehensive idea of the topic, and then identifying important information and dividing it into primary and secondary titles to facilitate its study.

  • Effort distributing:

Distribute your study time, so that you can have time to rest and entertain yourself to ensure your ability to continue and not get bored with what you’re doing.

  • Explaining the subject :

Consider yourself a teacher for a while and a student at the same time,

This sounds crazy, isn’t it?! don’t mind that now.

Explain the information to yourself or someone you know and even clarify the smallest detail, if he can understand what you’re talking about, I can assure that you are studying properly.

  • Writing information during the study:

Repeating words and information helps to hold it in your memory, and therefore you can remember it faster.

Tips for how to study:

–         Study with concentration

A successful study process requires being carried out under certain conditions to enhance your concentration, and this can be achieved by keeping the study within the same time and place for example.

this will make your mind used to the fact that this is the place for studying, as well as the need to equip the place of study with needs Necessary to study, such as study tools, dictionaries and accessories, as well as snacks(don’t forget that), in order to stop the need to go to the kitchen and thus lose your focus.

–         Auditory learning

One of the ways that are used to facilitate the process of saving and understanding information is auditory learning, that can be used by recording different lectures when they are heard, in order to re-listen to them later maybe to write different notes on them i.e. and it is recommended to link the information to each other through semantics of words.

  • Knowledge of the information contained in the article:

Your knowledge of the parts of the subject will facilitate the process of studying, by dividing it into a variety of parts and studying each one differently.

–         Additional strategies in improving the study

Let me draw your attention to some strategies that will improve the way you study and memorize which can be addressed as follows:

  • Get rid of all things that may cause distraction, prevent concentration, prevent procrastination and any available temptations.
  • Reward yourself after completing a certain part of the required study.
  • Work to read aloud, that’ll give your brain one more reason to save that part, also gives it a distinctive voice that makes it easier to remember.
  • Try more than one way to study until you reach the way that suits you the best.
  • Writing information during studying: Repeating words and information will help to hold information in your memory, and therefore you can remember it faster.
  • Link new information to previous ones: This method stores all information within your memory in a planned form, and is better than storing them separately.

–         Attention

Attention and focus should be given during the lecture for an easy understanding and preservation through listening well to what is said during the lecture and summarizing it in special words, which will matter a lot during reviewing that part again.

  • Question-and-answer method: Read the topic once in general, do your best in understanding information, then try to answer the questions that are in the book, as this method helps to solidify information in your mind, also to clarify points of Strength, weakness in your way of studying.
  • Careful studying: To get good results, your study method must be careful and consider giving yourself a good amount of time, also you should constantly review what you’ve been reading.
  • Changing location: It is advisable to change the place from time to time, as it helps to kill the routine.
  • Divide the information you keep: It’s best to divide the information you want to save into several parts because it helps when studying Multi-part subjects such as medicine.

–         Stay away from Distractions

keep in mind that you stay away from any distractions that hinder understanding, such as mobile phones, TV, etc.

  • You gotta relax from time to time, because the more comfortable the body is, the more it reflects positively on the activity of your mind, and its ability to absorb and preserve.

– Last but not least, here are some few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Do the test experience: recall information, make questions and answer them.
  • keep in mind that the continuous studying period should not exceed 40 minutes, without a minimum amount of 10 minutes at least for rest.
  • Exercise: Because of its great benefits, it helps a lot to Energize your body, thereby a free memory-booster.
  • The review phase: the final stage of the study process, where all the saved information is reviewed, and it is done by looking at a set of questions, which may be previous exam questions or external questions.

Just remember that Hard Work Pays off.

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