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Your guide for travel planning websites, we all think about the best destination to travel, and the places or events we can visit to enjoy during the trip.

Now it’s easy to organize your trip, as those travel planning sites help you choose your suitable destination and give you everything from planning your trip to booking and traveling for a fun and relaxing tourist experience.

Now you are going on a trip so you should think about every detail of your trip, start from obtaining visas and places available to stay in the country you are going to visit, also the travel program and what places you intend to visit during your accommodation.

Getting this plan can be easy with the help of travel planning websites that provide useful services to travelers from all over the world.

If you’re planning to travel soon and don’t know where to start your itinerary, here’s a brief guide to the most useful travel-lovers websites that you should check and make it as your travel friend.

This list of travel planning websites provides us with good itinerary details such as booking everything related to the trip like the cheapest flights, as well as providing payment methods like a credit card and more.

Our list for the best travel planning websites

The best thing about travel planning sites, they provide us with an easy search engine to choose the best destinations we want.


Numbeo is one of the best travel sites that calculate the cost of living in any city in the world.

One of the amazing features that the prices in it are entered by people living in those areas or familiar with them, it is a participatory social site.

the data in Numbeo is by the users themselves and not the site owners, anyone can update his city info and mention all the details and prices, also the site takes the average input that has been entered by the participating users.

This site is very useful for those who intend to move to another city in this world and live in it or study in its universities.

You can find a lot of detailed information about living and its costs in most (but not all) cities in the world, as well as you will find information about food in detail like  (milk – tomato – economic meal – expensive meals … etc).

You will also find the details of transportation, and most importantly the cost of housing and renting apartments within the city.

The site also provides the property of comparison between two cities, as well as showing prices in the currency you want, arranging cities according to the price of the specified selection, also providing information on crime rate, quality of life and other useful information and data.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a guide or an electronic tour guide that gives you the opportunity to discover the most important tourist attractions you can check out in the town which you are going to.

You will find the opinions of travelers about it and know the best hotels, prices and categorize them according to the evaluation of website users, as well as the most important thing is restaurants and airfares.

This site allows users to share their experiences and nominations to others. The website is available in several languages including English, French, German, Japanese and others, and it is available as an app through mobile.

TripAdvisor also allows you to search for many other sites for the best hotel booking price rates and compare prices in more than one location and recently offers the possibility to book directly from the same TripAdvisor website.

3. Hipmunk

It is a complete search site for trips and hotels, it has a large number of available locations, as well as gives you options for alternative places, and one of its best features is to clarify the warm places on the map.

Hipmunk shows the places of restaurants, evenings, shopping and family-friendly places, and recommends to you many sites to book and pay for.

4. Trover

Before you visit any new place or a distant city, it is nice to explore the beautiful and distinctive areas in it, but how do you know those places? through Trover site, you can explore the beautiful areas with pictures and stories attached to it.

Those pictures are created by other people since the site is a platform to share photos of trips by users, any user can upload images and determine where it was taken, as well as some useful information for others.

Users can follow other users, with the follow-up icon appearing next to the image owner’s name, and photos can be kept in the wishlist or any other list for later reference.

5. Booking

There is no better than to book your accommodation in the country you will travel to, including hotel reservations, resort bookings, and you can choose from the best prices, offers and read previous traveler’s reviews.

Booking provides the largest information database about hotels and tourist resorts around the world.

It gives the user the opportunity to rate them according to prices or the number of stars or according to passenger feedback which gives you the opportunity to choose the best alternatives at affordable prices.

You can also download the app on your mobile phone for ease of use, and don’t forget that this site will help you in finding the best deals.

6. Justlanded

If you intend to travel and settle in another country, Justlanded site will benefit you, it specializes in giving extensive information about countries, society, work, jobs, investment, banking, housing, accommodation, and more other information.

Of course, the information is in English and some other languages, you can choose the country from the home page and then choose the type of information you would like to know about that country.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb is the first global site to offer users the opportunity to rent or lease of real estate online.

If you’re traveling with a limited budget or looking for premium and affordable accommodation, you can access Airbnb to search for apartments available for rent.

First, you can specify the length of stay, the number of individuals, the budget available, and the site will offer you a variety of choices with photos, and prices, accompanied by passenger comments.

You can also have a personal conversation with the real estate owner to check some details and tell him when to arrive to facilitate the property delivery.

The special feature of this service provided by Airbnb is that tourist apartments are usually equipped with any equipment required for accommodation.

people can easily evaluate the service and record their different travel history on your personal account to be available for follow-up from the lessors.

8. Homestay

Have you thought about living with a local family where you will travel, living with a family is not useful for students only, even travelers for tourism, those who want to know the reality of life in those countries, to dive into the depths of society and discover its secrets, for those, the idea of living in a family is a beautiful idea and useful.

Homestay is like a middleman between families that provide one or more rooms in their home for visitors from outside their country and people who want to live in a local family.

All you have to do is write down the city name you intend to travel to in the search box and you will find a lot of results for people and users where you can live with them in their homes in that city.

You will find location details, photos of the available room and other information, after you select the date you will know whether the room is available on that date or not.

It is one of my favorite travel planning websites.

9. Skyscanner

If you’re looking for the cheapest flight tickets to travel to your destination, Skyscanner will be your preferred guide to booking your flight.

Skyscanner also offers the possibility of booking cars for transfers as well as searching between hotels for the cheapest prices and comparing them to choose the accommodation that suits your budget.

10. Rome2rio

Rome2rio is for transportation, both outside and inside, just specify the city you are in and the place where you intend to go to then this site offers all possible transportation options (air, bus, taxi. etc.) and the approximate cost of each type.

It is a good guide to transport in foreign and new countries and cities.

11. Viator

Well, you have booked your flight ticket and accommodation, so what about the itinerary and activities you will be doing in the country you are traveling to?!

to plan this, will not only help you learn about the most important tourist activities you can do in the city you’re traveling to, but you can book your ticket online for later use when you arrive in the town.

For example, if you plan to go to Amsterdam, you can easily book a river cruise there on time, book your ticket to visit the Wax Museum or book a trip to the Dutch countryside.

12. TripHobo

Through TripHobo you can plan your next trip and determine the places you will visit, select the city of departure and then add the cities you will visit and specify the dates and then go to the details of each day and the places you will visit or the restaurants that you will go to eat.

A panel will appear with some famous places in that city and you choose what you want from them one by one and then move on to the next day and so on to cover all the days, it is one of the best travel planning sites that you should try.

13. services

Of course we do not need to remind you of the need to use some of the sites of Google that provide services to travelers such as Google Maps which will save you in situations where you lost the way and also Google translate which provides you with the interpretation service of images or audio and read texts to facilitate the handling of the language that people speak there.

Google has recently introduced Google Flights to see which flights are available to the country you intend to travel to and Trips – Google to help you in trip planning.

14. HostelWorld

HostelWorld is a great platform to search for cheap or economical housing around the world, where you can see the most prominent group hosting places available in the town which you are going to.

It gives you photos and prices of each residence, entertainment services, meals provided by travelers reviews and the possibility of booking through the website itself.

If you’re planning to travel with a group of your young friends for tourism or to seek knowledge, HostelWorld will be the perfect companion for you to find economical and cheap budget accommodation.

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