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You may have many creative inspiring ideas for your videos, but you should have knowledge about video editing software or even video editing websites that will help you to come up with your ideas into real work.

We all know that video editing software is expensive, in addition to the high technology requirements that need to be available on your computer in order to run it smoothly.

Some people may also want to make adjustments to a particular video such as adding audio, merging some videos with each other, insert some effects, etc.

You can be out of your house or away from your computer or even you use another computer and do not have the software that you always use as well as if you are one of the people who can’t deal with programs, then you can use video editing websites to make your professional videos.

You may be a fan of audiovisual production and plan to create a YouTube channel in order to publish your content and attract audiences.

In this blog, we will get to know sites that allow you to make and edit videos, where you will be able to export your video after you create it and you can make any modifications or adjustments.

In this article, we will give you the best paid and free video editing websites to edit your videos directly from your browser without the need to use any programs.

These sites have many features where they offer you free online services for editing and making videos via your photos or audio files for marketing or work slides.

You can do all this through professional tools and free storage space to keep your work and post it on social media sites or on YouTube.

Best websites for video editing

So we will offer you the best websites to edit and create videos online

1. Magisto

It is a very nice tool, Magisto helps you to make a video and make a professional montage through simple steps, upload and edit your video then choose from hundreds of modified effects and presentations.

Magisto provides you with a wonderful collection of songs that you will like, finally, select your video title and any other information so it’s ready for uploading or you can share it via social media.

2. Kizoa

Kizoa is one of the best sites to edit videos online, it provides you with a set of unique tools that are not available by most sites in the field.

The most amazing feature is its ability to group videos into one video easily, in addition, the site provides other nice tools such as merging images with videos and writing on video as well as making effects from one scene to another.

You can also add animation effects to your video with a range of amazing intros that you can use for your video.

This site also provides a couple of templates that you can use in creating your videos, and many great tools will help you produce professional videos easily.

3. Animoto

It is one of the most professional video editing sites on the Internet where it serves as an advanced montage program.

Animoto has many features it allows you to do making, merging and adding filters effects between photos and videos and more.

This site has a free membership through which you can create and edit videos but it is limited so with its paid membership there are a lot of features offered by the site such as ready-made templates and you export your video in high-resolution Full HD and other features.

4. Wevideo

Wevideo is a professional site like paid video editing software, where the site offers you many tools for video editing and adding many effects such as clip speed and accelerating video.

You can add a green screen and add your own touch to the video, you can post your videos directly on YouTube or Facebook or store them on your free hosting on Google Drive and access them anytime.

5. Powtoon

Powtoon website offers the service of creating professional video presentations by integrating text, images, effects, animations and a lot of ready-made icons.

You can integrate audio files and control them all through the timeline very easily, you can export video to YouTube or you can share it on social networks.

6. online-video-cutter

It is one of the unique video editing sites where you can make any modifications to your video, in the beginning, you do not need to register or create an account on this site in order to use it.

anyone can use online video cutter to make editing to videos and cut any scenes you do not want to appear in it.

you can also crop video work and hide any part of it, as well as rotate the video to any degree you want, it helps you to modify the videos up to 500 MB size.

The site supports all video formats, you can work with any format and at the same time, you can export your work in any format you want.

This site is completely secure and deletes your files once you finished editing and export, it’s completely free and you can use it easily.

7. Photoshow

Photoshow is also one of the famous sites in creating and editing videos online where it provides many tools and features for editing, adding and combining photos, videos, and audio free of charge.

there is a free membership on the site which is limited to specific tools and paid membership which offers many options to create unlimited videos and provide bundles of sounds, templates, effects, and other features.

8. Loopster

It is an online video maker studio with amazing capabilities, you can edit your videos directly and save it on your cloud storage, It offers you a strong experience, it has a simple easy to use interface and has special applications on android and IOS platform.

The free account on Loopster enables you to get 3 GB of cloud storage space, 480p video editing quality, and up to 10 minutes of video editing on the timeline, you can upload your video file on cloud storage up to 1 GB.

9. Videotoolbox

Video toolbox offers many services such as converting video formats, video cutting and merging a number of videos with each other.

It allows you to take screenshots of your project, but the only drawback of this site is the black color on its background, which make options is difficult to see sometimes.

10. Clipchamp

The site provides a lot of good tools, you can do many things through Clipchamp such as inserting effects on any video by adjusting brightness, color, and sharpness.

You can make a video crop and rotate it in any direction, you can modify your video beginning and its end.

The best thing about this site that you can add any video of any size and you can import and export videos in any resolution and export them in the highest possible quality.

This site has paid plans but the free plan is good and you can benefit from its advantages except for the length of video duration which should not exceed 5 minutes, it is Suitable if you are using short videos.

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