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If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you’ll definitely want to learn about a number of sites that can be alternatives to Youtube and provide you with lots of fun videos and during this blog, we’ll get to know the top YouTube alternative video sites.

As everyone knows that the famous YouTube site is one of the best and most powerful websites specialized in uploading videos and movies and watching them through live broadcasts instead of downloading, sharing and commenting on them and so on for free.

It is considered the first in the world on its field and hosts millions of users around the world.

With this progress, some sites have appeared that look like youtube and compete with it and these sites are many and competitive and of course, are considered the best alternative for those who want to share videos on YouTube alternatives.

These alternatives are shared by a large number of people and also have a popularity for video fans, you can choose and try each one of them.

Best Video Streaming Sites As Alternatives to Youtube

1. TED Talks
TED Talks is a leading video site with over 2,300 conversations covering a wide range of topics, such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues.
Some conversations are very funny and I advise you to watch them, others are passionate and some are aimed at explaining how your mind works, while others are basically for entertainment.

In every TED Talks video that you are likely to see something, you won’t forget about, this site is a very easy-to-use site especially if you have a busy time.

Videos in the menu are highlighted in a red circle that is easy to see if they are shorter than 6 minutes.

2. Metacafe
It is a video site that specializes in displaying short video content and is one of many alternatives to youtube video sites.
Metacafe content includes everything from trends to the best fast product reviews and tips on how to complete the hard level in your favorite video game.

One of Metacafe’s strengths is the simplicity of this platform. Its browsing interface is fairly clear, with a listing bar offering you video features such as the latest, and most popular videos for people who want to go deeper can click the drop-down menu on the left, which includes a more comprehensive list of video categories.

3. Twitch
Twitch is the best live streaming platform on the web and the site is mainly owned by the giant Amazon.
Twitch’s main focus is to broadcast live video games, sports, and game-related talk shows.

Twitch has many live music videos from festivals and concerts, also broadcasts variety for international DJ: Steve Aoki.

Today, Twitch is the direct official partner of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

4. Vimeo website
Vimeo comes as one of the best alternatives to YouTube it has a beautiful interface, it’s home page is a subscription page in the site and if you go down you will find a collection of videos selected to you carefully.

What distinguishes it from YouTube is the lack of ads before, after or during watching Videos and downloads are free of charge but a maximum of 500Mb per week.

There is no limit for video duration and if you want the download limit to reach 5Gb you will have to pay $9.95 per month or $199 per year with the maximum increase to 20Gb per week.

5. Veoh
This site is affiliated with the emerging company Qlipso, Veoh is a powerful alternative to the YouTube platform and describes itself as an Internet TV company with millions of videos, most of these videos produced professionally.
It is a very cool alternative of YouTube you can download videos and share them instantly.

The site has a beautiful interface with a lot of social features such as adding friends and sending personal messages, forums, groups and sharing your videos with your friends around the world.

Veoh has a lot of music content across a wide range of genres.

6. Flickr
Also, Flickr is one of the best alternatives to YouTube although it hosts animated pictures but what many people do not realize that it also offers a download service and shares videos.

In order to be able to download videos from it, you have to register a free account then it lets you download videos with HD quality and 1Tb storage while the paid account is not limited.

This site is free of ads and offers detailed stats.

7. Crackle
Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crackle is an online streaming site with original web shows, as well as Hollywood movies and series from various networks.

Some of the crackle’s original content has been praised by critics, including the online comedy series In Cars Getting Coffee for Jerry Seinfeld. It also has a good collection of TV shows from the past, such as Firefly, All in the Family, News Radio, 227 and Mad About You.
Finally, Crackle offers some old movies you may have missed.

8. ZippCast website
If you want to watch videos in a location that only allows high-quality videos to be uploaded, ZippCast should be that site.

The site lets you customize and modify your channel design. You can also add reviews and comments to your videos.

9. Dailymotion

It is the second-largest online video site in the world after YouTube and offers tremendous possibilities in uploading, sharing and watching videos.

It has an interface quite similar to the YouTube interface.

When you reach the home page it shows you the most watched videos in your country or suitable for your choices with the presence of the search bar at the top.

It also supports Ogg videos and allows you to download videos easily all you have to do is register an account on Dailymotion and you can download what you want but the maximum allowed in videos download is a 60-minute video, a volume of 4Gb and 1080p HD resolution.

If you want to remove this limitation of the size or length of the loaded video you will have to register again to get a Motionmaker account.

The motionmaker is also free and you can also make money from uploading your videos and you’ll be part of The DailyMotion program.

10. Hulu website
Hulu is one of the best alternative sites for YouTube, but there are some restrictions that it only works in the United States, technically you can consider it as a free site to watch videos and alternative to YouTube.

Hulu also offers Hulu Plus service which is a subscription that lets you watch videos of the current and previous season of the programs offered by some channels, and offers you a great and amazing collection of TV shows, movies, videos, and music.

There are also some sites that you can consider it as an alternative to YouTube, such as Vk.Com and Break.Com

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